Zoom H5 / H6 / H8 / H1n / H2n / H4n Black Friday Deals 2023

The Zoom Audio Recorder has become a must-have gadget for many professionals involved in the audio and video industry. This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you won’t want to miss out on the incredible deals on offer for the H5, H6, H8, H1n, H2n, and H4n models. Whether you’re a musician seeking to capture the highest quality sound for your performances, a podcaster needing reliable equipment, or a filmmaker desiring professional-level audio, there’s a Zoom Audio Recorder model for you.

Zoom Audio Recorder Black Friday Deals

Product Model Tracks Battery Life Check Price
H5 4 15 hours
H6 6 20 hours
H8 12 20 hours
H1n (Editor's Choice) 2 10 hours
H2n 4 20 hours
H4n 4 2 - 10 hours

Zoom H6 vs. H8

With the h8, I’m more interested in looking at how it’s different from the h6 because it’s a natural upgrade that you might go from the h6 to the h8. If you’re already using the h6, it will be good to know what the h8 offers and how it is better suited to you than maybe the h6 is.

Zoom h8 black Friday

Inputs & Attachments

The h6 comes with four xlr slash jack inputs, but the h8 comes with two xlr slash jack inputs and four xlr inputs taking it to six.

When the h6 only has four, what zoom does is they have these amazing things that they call capsules and what the capsules are: a range of different microphones and attachments that click on like that, and you can add these extra things. So the h6 and h8 both come with these three attachments.

The h8 comes with an attachment with four xlr inputs taking your total input to 10. So for a handy portable recorder, you get ten excellent mind-bending inputs.


Both recorders feature a robust plastic construction. Despite being plastic, they include a 3.5-millimeter jack. Additionally, they share an on/off switch similar to the H6. However, the H8 distinguishes itself with the inclusion of a USB micro port. This feature allows you to power the recorder from a power bank in case the batteries deplete, with an automatic switch to the power bank as the power source.

Zoom H5

The Zoom H5 is my preferred recorder for various applications, including short film projects and YouTube tutorials. It features an attached XY stereo microphone that can be detached from the recorder for added flexibility.

Zoom H5 Black Friday

Formats of Recording

The recorder supports six different capsules, enabling you to capture various audio scenarios effectively. It offers recording options in both WAV and MP3 formats, with data storage on an SD card, supporting a maximum capacity of 32 gigabytes.

Zoom H1n

The Zoom H1n is a versatile recorder suitable for various applications. It’s worth noting that the original Zoom H1 served as my first field recorder with integrated microphones, contributing significantly to my learning experience. Given this background, I believe the Zoom H1n is an excellent tool for those looking to explore sound recording.

Zoom H1n Black Friday


Despite their plastic construction, both recorders feature durable, high-quality materials. They incorporate a redesigned microphone basket for added protection while maintaining sonic transparency, preserving sound quality.

In a real-life test, the H1 was accidentally dropped onto a wooden floor. Although the battery cover popped off, the recorder suffered no permanent damage, demonstrating its resilience. The H1n has also seen some control layout improvements, with controls now primarily located on the front of the device for user convenience.

Features & Components

Both recorders incorporate multifunctional soft buttons, enhancing user versatility. The screen features a blue backlight, providing clear visibility in both dimly lit studios and bright outdoor settings, mirroring the excellent design of the original. Furthermore, they include a 3.5-millimeter microphone input, support for two microSD cards with capacities of up to 32 gigabytes each, stereo microphones arranged in an XY configuration, and, as implied by the name, a user-friendly interface for ease of operation.

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