XP Pen Artist 15.6 Pro Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2023

The XP Pen Artist 15.6 Pro is the ultimate tool for digital artists seeking to take their artwork to the next level. This best drawing tablet is equipped with 20 levels of pressure sensitivity, allowing you to achieve fine, intricate details in your drawings. And this Black Friday, you can save big on an Artist 15.6 Pro! With a variety of features and an unbeatable price, the Artist 15.6 Pro is sure to enhance your digital artistry.

About XP Pen Artist 15.6 Pro:

When ordering the artist 15.6 pro pen, your initial observation will be the sizable 15-inch screen. This pen display provides a sturdy plastic base for resting and a latch for securing the XP Pen on top. The device includes two cables that can be combined into a single cable, minimizing workspace clutter. For a more streamlined setup, a single USB and HDMI cable suffice to connect the device to your computer. The package also encompasses a user manual, warranty cards, and XP pens accompanied by hand protectors.

xp pen artist 15.6 black friday


The product’s design is notable for its central red line housing extra nibs and a cap for resting the pen while working. These components are crucial for proper system functioning and tablet connection. The design features solid buttons for shortcuts and a color wheel, both in a matching red hue, creating a stylish and cohesive aesthetic.

Pen Level & Pressure:

The pen offers seamless transitions between light and heavy pressure, as demonstrated shortly. Its tilt angle of 60 degrees enables a natural pen-on-paper feel, eliminating the need for a rigid 90-degree angle. This flexibility empowers you to draw on the screen as if it were paper. The 1080p HD display further enhances the experience.

xp pen artist 15.6 pro black friday


While a 4k display at this price point would be desirable, the 1080p HD display impresses with its vibrant colors and DPI, considering the device’s size. XP Pen’s website provides driver downloads for the device, simplifying setup. Once installed, the application allows you to configure display settings, including touchscreen positioning, such as full-screen mode.


Drawing on the device is seamless. Opt for monitor three or any other. Similarly, you can customize the pen’s buttons as defaults, adjusting these settings as needed. To make modifications, access the bottom menu. The tablet serves well for testing pressure sensitivity.

As I apply more pressure, the sensitivity becomes evident. Achieving the highest level requires a firm press, akin to working with a pencil on paper. This feature greatly aids sketching and painting.

As pressure increases, the brush thickens, and color flow intensifies—a simulation of real paintbrush behavior. The digital environment mirrors traditional paper, allowing zooming in and out using the wheel. Activating the brush flow reveals dynamic responsiveness, mimicking natural brushes.

Final Words:

These features make the Artist 15.6 Pro Pen Display a great option for all of your digital artwork needs, allowing you to create with ease and style. With its intuitive design that allows for easy transport and minimal setup, now is the time to purchase this device and take advantage of everything it has to offer. Shop now and enjoy being creative without the usual clutter and complexity! Transform your digital art experience with the Artist 15.6 Pro Pen Display and see just how far your creativity can go.

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