Wyze Cam v2 Wyzec2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Wyze Cam v2 Wyzec2 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Wyze Cam 2 0 Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

Wyze Cam 2 0 Black Friday Deals 2021

The box looks to pack right here we got 1080p night-vision motion detection zones two-way audio records in 12-second clips if you just decide to do that and not have continuous recording these are some of the specs on the back.

Wyze Cam 2.0 Black Friday


I like the fact that this works with alexa and google assistant that’s really cool so it comes with the mounting plates and everything so that’s pretty cool here’s the other end of the box and that’s it let’s get to opening this up see what it comes with alright let’s open this up so first thing we got here is this little welcome to the wise community along with I’m guessing a quick start guide yep take these out right now we’ll just open the one because that’s the call we need this is boxing so you guys see what comes it cool very cool up comes with two boxes little boxes here comes. Check out Wansview Wireless Camera Black Friday Deals


What’s in this box right here it is power cable cool awesome so we got the power cable it is powered by micro usb in that little box where the cable came it did come with the power supply this is a metal plate so the other cool thing about this is that it’s magnetic so you come out there somewhere this is what makes it very easy very convenient to install anywhere that this thing is really light so what even if you didn’t want to screw it in I’m sure with some good heavy-duty double sided tape you can use it this isn’t magnetic under here it’s magnetic so you can stick this to any wall well there goes that’s cool that is really cool look at that and you can turn it around it’s really easily maneuverable here’s the it takes a usb or microusb.


Where that memory card slot is there it is there’s the memory card slot so I can’t wait to plug this in and get it working see how it goes alright guys so here is my old camera and the new camera so the z modal on the right the wise cam on the left I went ahead and just put it up real quick I didn’t mount it with a magnetic bracket or anything behind here it’s metal so I put it in there it just it just magnetically is hanging onto there we’re gonna set it up off-screen record the next part of this video so you can see how easy or complicated it is to setup okay once you have the app download it on your phone go ahead and sign up for a new account it’s free once you have your login information go ahead and proceed to the next step.

Wyze Cam 2.0 Black Friday Deals

Why pick Wyze Cam 2.0 on Black Friday?

You’re gonna open up the app and the first thing you do is right there in the middle you add new device you’re going to select the device you have they have a bunch of devices but it’s the first one the y’s cam and then right here it says that you’re gonna have a flashing yellow light which we did and we’re gonna go ahead and proceed to next press the setup button on the back under the camera and if you heard go ahead and check that box and click next this is my wi-fi you guys I’m gonna go ahead and pause it from here and put in my password.

Final Verdict

The very bottom there’s a view playback option if you click on that now takes you from the live stream to the previously recorded content that you have stored up in your sd card real simple real simple experience self-explanatory and this is the part. The camera my experience and how how this camera performed nothing but positive positive things to say about this wise cam with the little pieces of advice on the side if you choose to to pick one up for yourself first the picture quality was amazing 1080p it was 1080p the colors were vibrant.

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