Winix 5500-2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier Black Friday Deals 2021

The winx 5500 ash – this unit is about 24 inches tall it’s about 15 inches wide and it’s about 8 inches deep features three different filters behind this front grille there is a washable pre-filter behind the washable pre-filter there is a carbon filter and behind that carbon filter.

Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier Black Friday


There is a true hepa filter air travels into the unit through the front grille here but also on the sides there are large gaps here on each side of the front of the unit so air travels in through the front through the sides and even a little bit through the bottom there’s a gap here on the bottom as well so air travels through all those directions into the unit past the pre-filter past the activated carbon filter past the true hepa filter and then up and out through the top of the unit there’s a outlet up top here behind the control panel.


Clean air exits out through the top here this unit features four fan speeds low medium high and turbo the unit outputs at about 250 cfm and this unit retails for about 150 dollars so what do we like about the winx 5500 ash – we definitely like the high output especially considering the price this unit again outputs at about 250 cfm meaning that it takes in 250 cubic feet of air every minute and it is actually able to process that amount of air every minute at 250 cfm this unit can be used in rooms up to about 300 square feet.


Good and proper air filtration you really need two things you need proper air filters and you also need good output and this unit does give you very high output at 250 cfm in terms of filters again this unit features that washable pre-filter the washable pre-filter is the first filter that the air will actually travel through and the purpose of that washable pre-filter is to filter out larger particles.

Things like hairs larger fibers all types of larger particles like that are caught by the pre-filter and what that does is it allows the pre-filter to saturate with those types of particles so that they don’t saturate the true hepa filter instead so that is the purpose of that pre-filter and this unit does have a washable pre-filter and this is important because a lot of units out on the market have a replaceable pre-filter and what that means is that as those pre-filter saturate with all of these larger particles they need to eventually be replaced and of course replacing them means buying them buying replacements for them with this unit it has that washable pre-filter meaning that the pre-filter can saturate over time and when it would have been time to replace it all you have to do is take it out of the air purifier.

Why pick Winix 5500-2 on Black Friday?

Clean it now you can clean it by vacuuming it you can rinse it but you can do that yourself you can clean that filter and the unit will still be highly effective when you replace that clean filter with a lot of other units on the market that filter cannot be clean and it has to be replaced this unit also comes equipped with a true hepa filter in the world of air purifiers the true hepa filter is really the gold standard for particle filtration so anything like allergens dust mold spores any type of particle that travels in the air through this unit will be filtered out by that true hepa filter and the fact that this unit actually does come equipped with a true hepa filter is another strong positive for it finally for gas filtration this unit comes equipped with a activated carbon filter now a lot of units.

Final Verdict

The same price point that only features that fibrous filter that doesn’t capture gases nearly as well as the pellet based activated carbon filter inside of this winix we also like the very good energy efficiency on this unit now this unit has a cfm 2 watt ratio of about 5 to 1 on its highest fan speed and it’s ratio is about 10 to 1 on lower settings now for comparison’s sake most of their units on the market tend to hover around 2 to three cfm per watt of power draw on higher settings and also about two to three cfm per watt on lower settings so you are getting a much better cfm to power draw ratio with this winix unit then you get with most other air purifiers on the market.

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