Wansview Wireless Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Wansview Wireless Camera Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Wansview Wireless Camera Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

Wansview Wireless Camera Black Friday Deals 2021

A simple white box now before we correct this bad boy open I love the motion sensor wherever you walk in my home the camera follows you happy thinking man this boy really watching me like everywhere I go it pans and moved.

Wansview Wireless Camera Black Friday


The notification when you’re not at home smart walks in your home however you right away oh it’s amazing the two-way talk you could talk to them you can hear them they can talk to you man overall this right here you will not be disappointed and it does hold a memory card up to 64 gigabytes I believe or 128 let me check cuz I want to be I want to be correct I believe that up to c 2 gigahertz compatible for wi-fi and it hold up to dude that’s got cloud storage and it holds up to 64 gigabyte okay I’m right 64 gigabyte hand down if you decided wanna win a nice security camera for your home. Check out Arlo Pro 2 Security Camera Black Friday Deals


The devil right here you would not be disappointed each other that I mean look at that so I got my by the doorway so when you come in my door and all my detects if we start falling around my whole house nice okay now let’s crack this bad boy up and see what we have on the inside all right all right okay inside this bad boy you got your instruction menu book up top inside the box we have the mini camp itself all right take it all piano black shiny speak your girl in the back all right these your charging port right here does it have a memory card slot yup in front.


The back of mine this one has in the front all right as well holds a memory card there’s a coming to me card nobody do not yeah screw got a mouse grab the bottle all right so you can mount it on your ceiling wall where we decided placing charging cable core right here which is pretty long your mounting base right here so all mine cuz I got my I got a sin light like this about against the wall right doorway so when you come in follows you and what is this see what did that boy.

Wansview Wireless Camera Black Friday Deals


If you want them out to the wall or to the ceiling have you won them out oh you put on a tape with time you see the rubber feet you just boom put on a shelf on the tabletop whatever you want to place today and just have it that way dresser etc all right all right let’s take a closer look yeah oh well I need this yeah gotta plug it in me that okay here’s this I don’t need alright let’s take a closer look.

Why pick Wansview Wireless Camera on Black Friday?

An app that you do have to download let me pop that out we’re fast show ya let me show you out with the athlete like bear with me okay here with the app look like beer alright wayne’s view cloud do your google play store or apple store download that app right there see the icon being select that are you being there like swimwear now with the app they said we could open it reversed they say that you could connect it to your alexa your echo and now where you control the cameras from that friend up from the device so you say alexa chung was going on a living room.

Final Verdict

She was like okay and I will pop up on your phone and your tablet wherever you download the app at nice okay let’s take a closer look out alright y’all got everything hooked up connected and ready to rock out now let me give my honest opinion before we get deep into it what I think about this way into home security camera ask for picture quality 1080p hd they lie to you to me it looks grady I’m not digging the the picture quality on it and the night vision quality is excellent it does lag.

A little bit right now it’s on point but man when I tested it yesterday man it was like it for real light it was like a 10 to 15 seconds delay of laghima’s yeah man but right now it’s kind of its kind of a point today I’m surprised okay maybe it had a warmer person but as for the picture quality you can see let me zoom in look at my face it looks great everything looks great.

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