Vizio M437-G0 and M658-G1 Black Friday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Vizio M437-G0 and Vizio M658-G1 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Vizio M437-G0 and Vizio M658-G1 Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.


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Vizio M437-G0 and Vizio M658-G1 Black Friday Deals 2021

The vizio m-series quantum and I should be able to just stop right there except for there are two possibly three versions of this tv out there.

vizio m series black friday


There’s a model number with an 8 in it there’s a model number with a 7 in it we knew about those and then I was just researching and it looks like walmart has a model with a 6 I can do is speak to the m8 and m7 the m8 has 90 zones of local dimming and higher peak brightness then the m7 which has like 20 zones of local dimming and lower peak brightness and cost difference between the two is not a lot.

The m8 version is the best version of the m series quantum available right now goes for about 650 bucks for the 65 inch version and I want to point out before we get to test patterns and real-world viewing that for the purposes of this video. We’re shooting with the tv in calibrated dark mode for hdr 10 we back down the backlight to about 37 but for the purposes of my evaluation I just kept it at calibrated or calibrated dart and left the backlight setting where it goes it’s a little bit different for Dolby vision in Dolby vision because the picture tends to be a little bit darker especially with ozark.


I’m using here we’re sticking with calibrated mode, for the most part, calibrated dark darkens things considerably not great for shooting in this environment and then what I found with the different presets on Dolby vision the biggest difference tends to be the colour temperature so I would absolutely recommend that you stick with calibrated or calibrated dark if you’re pulling this tv right out of the box and one other thing to note is that if you go into the more picture mode there’s a game low latency mode that you can just switch on without necessarily having to go to the dedicated game mode.


Our usual test pattern run and I’m going to go through these pretty quickly because everything maps out really well in sd our one thing I wanted to point at is one no dirty screen effect on this particular unit it’s actually pretty good tracking really well with the tone mapping where everything is to be expected I want to point out here something that we see in this gradient test a lot of little bars here this looks really good an sdr and I’m hoping it holds up in hdr as well so again with sdr everything is looking pretty great right out of the box and motion is even really good here now we’re in hdr 10.

Hdr not clipping too much over here or on the low end so the tone mapping is looking solid resolves this very well although you can’t see it and here we are hdr gradient and it’s again looking really solid this is far better than what we saw with the new TCL 6 series so I think we’re gonna be looking at that again when we do our.

vizio m series black friday deals

Why pick Vizio M8 Series on Black Friday?

Video across the board I’ll magenta in red looking a little on the hot side there but nothing that I am too worried about and again motion look pretty smooth there and I’m not seeing a ton of backlight movement either although I did notice something different in real life viewing I’ll get to that in a second so overall from a test pattern perspective this tv seems to be doing a pretty good job let’s start with black level because obviously that’s you know the basis of contrast and the vizio m-series quantum at least the m8 looking really solid in the area of the black level.

Final Verdict

The local dimming is working effectively here thanks to those 90 zones no doubt so I’m getting really really nice delineation between the bright stuff and the dark stuff with not a ton of halo around it again for the price this is really respectable and I like what the color is doing here it is not oversaturated it’s well saturated so that’s a great start for Vizio now inky blacks are all well and good but not so great if they’re crushing the blacks and removing shadow detail this.

The cowl sets it’s hilarious but this is actually a great shot for making that evaluation we’ll use another one later for Dolby vision but take a look at this black couch this in other tvs I’ve tested recently is just a big black mass you can’t see any detail in the coat but here we definitely see details in the coat meanwhile it’s punching fairly well in the brighter highlights the clouds definitely have some depth to them they’re not just a big whitewash.

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