Garmin Vivosmart HR Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Vivosmart HR Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts. 

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Garmin Vivosmart HR Black Friday Deals 2021

I’ve been using it for the past few days I can test out the vivosmart hr but at any rate, let’s dive in we’re going to talk a little bit about the mobile app because some things were added to that that are specific to the vivosmart hr.

Vivosmart HR Black Friday


This device so let’s get into it okay so here’s the vivosmart hr I have to say I’m impressed with the design it’s very comfortable the bands are super duper soft they feel great against your skin. I love the fact that Garmin went with a watch-style locking mechanism; It’s secure. It’s a big-time improvement over what you’ve seen on other Garmin products now there are a few things to talk about other than the band’s bands are great one is the screen.

Heart Rate Monitor

A game-changer and then you do get a silent alarm, so that’s nice I can see that one is turned on for tomorrow. Then if we swipe up, it’s going to take us to our current heart rate right now. It’s probably lagging based on what it was a few minutes ago. Then you’ve got your average resting heart rate down there, and then if you swipe up again, you’ve got all of your text messages and emails and calendar reminders they all show up here on your wrist. Check out Garmin Forerunner 230 Black Friday.


A new one they buzz and they pop up on your wrist it’s pretty cool you can briefly read through them. Still, it’s not as convenient as the apple watch, but I do love having notifications. Right now, I’m getting most of them to work at least on my iPhone, so that’s a good thing, and when you swipe up. You have to weather that’s cool, and the weather was accurate.

Garmin connect

I have Garmin connect set to my current location, so I like having weather there swipe a begin calories burn for the day look how active I’ve been I know you guys are proud of me and then now we’ve got your intensity minutes you do get a goal of 150 minutes per week.

I already hit 49 of them woo, so that’s a good thing and then steps there’s my steps goal 7500 obliterated that today and then back to the time that’s super easy swipe through no big deal to get the settings.


I have an alarm tomorrow set for 6:40; you go back. You have a do not disturb mode you can enter one exciting thing. I want to highlight you guys. This is a big big deal for a lot of consumers notice here that the activity tagging section has a runner, and that’s because Garmin has said that it’s only going to be tagging runs. So if you’re running indoors or outdoors, that’s the one activity that it looks like the vivosmart is designed to track interestingly enough though it seems like a lot of consumers are wanting.

You will be using this with just the onboard optical sensor I’m holding out and waiting. I hope that Garmin will release a firmware upgrade that fixes that because if this does get that upgrade, I’m pretty much ready to throw it the best activity tracker title. Still, without that, I think that that is a missing feature that a lot of consumers will be disappointed with, and then if you keep swiping through the settings, it has a find my phone alert you can sync it manually.

Vivosmart HR Black Friday Deals

Why pick Vivosmart HR on Black Friday?

You can turn on and off Bluetooth; you can go into settings you can see history, so that’s pretty cool one thing. I do want to point out in the environments in addition to all-day steps calories burned distance traveled stairs intensity minutes sleep all that stuff is great you do get move reminders and a move bar I love having those some people find them annoying. Still, I am happy to see that show up on the vivosmart hr. If we swipe over to heart rate, you can see if you click here, there’s no option to pair an external monitor.

There is something called broadcast mode for displaying your heart rate, unlike the Garmin virb or verb x e or some other device; it allows you to stream your heart rate to something else. You can turn off the heart rate sensor if you want so if you swipe over you can turn this off if you’re going to save some battery right now the battery life is just beautiful Garmin says it’s going to be right around five days on this one that would be okay with me.

Final Verdict

It’s not the best in the world but not crazy, so that’s the vivosmart h are super comfy this nub does not get in the way I thought that it was going to kind of stick into my skin and be a source of annoyance. Still, it’s not that big of a deal the nub does protrude. Yet, I don’t know crazy it’s water-resistant down to five atmospheres it has a proprietary charging cable which kind of sucks but is not that big of a deal now one question. Consumers always have how you navigate and change some of the data screens on here. That’s a great question that is going to be on the mobile app.

I paired the vivosmart hr; they are now showing up floors climb, so basically how many levels you’ve gone up, it also tracks how many you’ve gone down and then your intensity minutes. If you click into those, it just details over time like the mobile app you go to health stats. The vivosmart hr is going to track your all-day heart rate, but if you click into today. You can see a chart of my heart rate over time and then the activities that I’ve partaken in for that day and then if you turn it to the side it should show you over time what you’ve accomplished that day, so that’s something new with the Garmin connect mobile app.

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