Vitamix 750 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Vitamix 750 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Vitamix 750 Cyber Monday new sales and discounts.

Vitamix 750 Black Friday Deals 2021

The Pearl Gray Vitamix Pro 750. This is the finish that replaced the Brushed Stainless finish for the Pro 750. I don’t know exactly why they canceled the Brush Stainless finish and introduced this Pearl Gray finish. I can kind of guess, but it doesn’t matter. This is what we have now as a choice for sort of an in-between between the black and red.

Vitamix 750 black friday


The good news is is that it looks pretty good. It is made with that plastic shell just like the black and the red but it looks pretty elegant. Not cheap. It really pops. It’s really sharp. No pun intended. It’s a nice looking finish. But color is relative so I want to show you what it looks like compared to other finishes. So here’s it next to the old Pro 750 Brushed Stainless finish. You can see the Pearl Gray is more gray and doesn’t have kind of that yellow or gold look. And it’s a little more speckled if you look really close. Next to this copper medal. It’s actually a different model.


This is the A3500, but the Copper Metal from the pro 750 is gonna look the same. It’s totally different. And then here’s the Pearl Gray next to an A3500 with Brushed Stainless finish. This is more of like a gray-gold versus silver. Totally different. I will say that both of these finishes, so now the pro gray and then the brushed stainless finish on the A3500. Check out Blendtec Blender 575 Black Friday Deals


These are the two most versatile finishes. Next to stainless steel it looks nice. On wood it looks great. And then even up against like a bold color like blue looks pretty good. If you’re wondering how it holds up from a noise perspective loudness or quietness the pearl gray, because it doesn’t have that metal shell, isn’t as quiet as the machines with a true metal finish or these A3500’s I showed you or the Pro 750 with a copper metal. But the difference isn’t that significant. It’s small.

You could see it if you measure it. A couple few decibels. So the Pearl Gray isn’t in the top tier of quietest or least loud Vitamix but it’s still pretty good. The Pearl Gray really is just a color. It’s something to fit into the decor of your kitchen. So on the inside it doesn’t matter. And I want to show you that right now. We’re going to make a must-go green smoothie bowl.

Vitamix 750 black friday deals


Must-go smoothies it’s everything in the fridge that must go. So today we’re using orange juice. We don’t normally use orange juice in smoothies or smoothie bowls but we had a friend bring it over for bagel brunch we had the other day so it needs to go. We’re throwing it in. We’re also using a couple of oranges that need to go, some kale, a banana, and frozen pineapple cause when we get a fresh pineapple we freeze the cores. And those are great blended not so great fresh.

Why pick Vitamix 750 on Black Friday?

We’ll add some frozen mango because that’s a creamy smoothie bowl secret ingredient, and we’re topping it with a lot of ice. We’re using the tamper because we want that smoothie bowl consistency like a really thick smoothie. After about 30 seconds pour them out into bowls we’re going to top them, today we’re using more must-go smoothie ingredients. We have some strawberries, blueberries, coconut shreds, chia seeds, some granola, and almond butter.

Final Verdict

Almond butter is never a must-go ingredient… I feel like it’s something we’re actually always out of and I want more of. It never needs to be eaten. It just gets eaten in plenty of time. I need to go make more on butter this afternoon. I will say that the Pealr Gray looks really nice with a big green smoothie and we can’t do a Vitamix demonstration without the cleaning cycle. Warm water, couple drops of soap, let it run, walk away. Eat your smoothie bowl.

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