UVC G3 BULLET 3 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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UVC G3 BULLET 3 Black Friday Deals 2021

So I want to do a quick review of these unifi g3 1080p cameras. Now, these are the cameras that we’re using currently with our unify system and I’ve done a whole video that I can link below into how we set up the unify, but I want to cover. Specifically, these cameras are top-rated. They have the audio recording. They’re excellent and effortless to set up and easy to mount, so go ahead and unbox it quickly.

UVC G3 BULLET 3 Black Friday

I don’t do a lot of detail and unboxings, but I’ll go ahead indulge you guys here, of course. You get the camera in the box, and we’re going to show you how this mounting system works. It’s pretty clever we get 80 mountings per pole now this has got these little edges on the back. I’m going to take this out so you can see the way this works on the back. It is so you can mount it to a pole. It matches up at the bottom of this now unless you’re buying these in bulk, you get a power adapter with each one apoe injector. Check out Nest Security Camera Black Friday deals.


I’ve always liked the way unify now their earlier models, but later they got these injectors to do this to the wall and then snap on there. It makes for nice clean setups. Now let’s go ahead and take this apart from this part. Unscrews, and you can see this is a cool metal design. I mean, this is solid. This is metal, so it holds up well, and then this goes here and then has a ball mount. So you can articulate this in any direction pretty cool makes it easy when you want to point these now. This comes off completely here, and we reveal just the camera with a network check. Now I like this versus ones that have a pigtail because with the pigtail you risk breaking the pigtail with these, the network jack plugs directly into the camera, so there’s no worry it snaps into here.


Now let’s talk about how that works and how that seals. You also get in a box the seal itself, and I’ll show you how that works and goes over a cat5 so the seal sets right in there and this is what the little seal part looks like just a little piece of like silicon rubber. Now you can see from this it’s squishy but it’s pretty thick so it seals up pretty tight now ideally you’re not supposed to have an end on before you put this wire through but if you’re feeling ambitious, you can work a wire through it as you can see it will actually stretch and go over.


If there’s already a jack, it’ll go right through it, not the ideal situation. It’s a pain to pull it off of one with a jack. Still, if you were lazy, anton monetary cramp it will fit ideally you run the wire through put this through put an end on and we just have to end right in here but the nice thing is because this comes off separate like this.

These are actually really easy to mount really easy just to reassemble screw them back on with the threads themselves are fairly coarse, so once you have this mounted, it’s not hard to get the camera put right back on. You’re not like those wonderful threads that are hard to get there. You tighten it up, and then you can adjust it.


Now let’s show some video right from the camera. So let’s take a quick look at the software not always unboxed it, and you race it up so I can show you the video it’s ub and tu v nt and I got to point out the window so pretty straightforward normally you wouldn’t want to set it up this way you just join it. I have that in my unify and be our video but you can log directly into the camera continue accept the license it’s still called tech area because I took this off of my tech area to license it modify a video stand alone mode and it’s going to set this camera up in stand alone. Normally the nbr takes care of this and when you’re adding it to the nbr system it just finds it adds it. You don’t really have to do any of these functions here you can simply go in and have it join to the unified system.

UVC G3 BULLET 3 Black Friday Deals

Why pick UVC G3 BULLET 3 on Black Friday?

Still, it’s night that you can log into the camera so we’ll take a quick look at how that works all right, so now it is in standalone mode, and you can see what’s going on out front. You can change settings on here anonymous snapshots microphone volume disabled to microphone what quality bit rates you’re going to do you can turn on rtsp authentication, so rtsp is another video streaming. So you can string things over there you can configure the network settings right now it’s dcp. Still, you can put it into static it does two boult if it doesn’t find a dha pt adhi cp n start-up to 192 168 1.20 generally when you’re plugging minimum assuming like most networks are and plug them in dhcp then we have these systems.

Final Verdict

So you can change the evident password save changes language time server firmware update camera logs support file or just reboot the camera so pretty slick you still have all the other ones we can show you into federation huge sharpness modes flip it. Hence, if you needed it flipped because of some reason you know because you have to mount it upside down it does have that option in there you can force the ira mode to change the sensitivity of it or just reset all the settings back to default so pretty straightforward well you’re probably going to be using this on the mbr. Still, it does have this option on there to do it it does have it.

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