TruXedo Pro X15 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for TruXedo Pro X15 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for TruXedo Pro X15 Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

TruXedo Pro X15 Black Friday Deals 2020

Today I’m going to be taking a look at the truxedo line of the pro-x-15 soft tonneau cover now because these covers are custom fit. You must use the fit guide to figure out the exact one for your application. so regardless if you have a small truck like this Colorado out to a big f-350 with a footbed. we’re going to have a fit that’s going to work out well for you now. The ProX 15 is going to be a perfect general use style tonneau cover. it has the soft texture, really nice fabric material to feel on it as good and solid and unlike other soft tonneau covers.

TruXedo Pro X15 Black Friday

We don’t have the arches that were used to as you can see it has a really low profile look to it like the tonneau covers that we find that are more expensive generally the rails are gonna sit inside the side of our truck bed. that way we don’t have them sticking up and over that’s gonna give us access like you can see there in that corner to that stake pocket and really it’s a pretty affordable cover. now the cover itself offers us a lot of protection against theft and the elements keeping out dust, dirt, and water like any tonneau cover.



However, these are water-resistant kind of a situation. there’s always going to be a little seam somewhere or water getting in from somewhere. It’s just what we see even with the most expensive tonneau covers that we carry. Still, overall, it’ll be a perfect solution for protecting items from the elements now for the theft portion with any locking tailgate. once you secure this down, you’re not going to worry about anybody getting to the release. It’s an internal release. There’s no external release. Still, then we can open our tailgate up there single-handed operation. we can release it on the driver side load out of that to tilt up. We can just begin to roll it forward. We’ve got a spring-loaded latch right here on their backside.

This constantly applies tension to our cover. Hence, as our seasons change, that will expand and contract a little bit to keep everything nice and tight now comparing this releasing mechanism to other available tonneau covers. I will say that the handle just on the driver’s side is a slight drawback for me other covers will have them on both sides where you can easily release it from both sides.


I don’t think it’s a huge problem most trucks aren’t that wide but just definitely something to keep in mind now as we close our cover we want to ensure that our tailgate seal comes down and lays right on top of our gate for us giving us additional protection so we’ll want to have our gate closed when they get our cover in position and then just press down until. we hear the click the overall feel of the cover is going to be a lot like a convertible top or a jeep top it has a good textured feel to it. It’s a polyester upper material here because it’s a nice matte look then on the bottom side, you’ll see as we roll it up fully vinyl coated we’re not going to have to worry about any moisture getting through to the inside through our cover as we continue to roll it up.

You’ll notice only takes one person. We have our cross supports here unlike the old cross supports where you had to kind of stick it in and get the other side in usually you just broke them these are automatic as we roll it up they’re going to roll up with our coverage as we unroll our cover they automatically go in rest right down on our rail giving us the support that we need another nice thing. I like the style of this cover because with it fully rolled up, we’ve got full access to our bed. We can load up those larger items.

TruXedo Pro X15 black friday deals


Still, we also have a full view out of our back window a lot of times with other covers are going to come up and block either a portion or all of that back window leaving you without your rear view mirror in this case it still remains fully functional for us now one thing you will want to keep in mind is that as we add these rails to the inside here, we’re going to lose a little bit of our bed width from the actual side of the bed portion right here. Still, a little bit further into the outside here, we’ve got about three inches something else I like.

Why pick TruXedo Pro X15 on Black Friday?

I think it is an improvement over older style covers like this because the hook and loop material they’re using here really seems very Serperior very wide, but it also feels heavy-duty. so as we can I bring our attention side-to-side we can feel it get a good hold no doubt that it’s grabbing will hold really well and we just run down all the way gives us a nice tight seal here on the outside now tonneau covers like this can help to improve the ride quality in your truck to basically is that winds coming over the cab or if we get into crosswinds. they don’t get in the box of the bed and cause that shifting side to side so it’s going to kind of smooth out everything if you get in those situations.

It can save you a little bit of money at the gas pump now as far as the installation process goes it’s going to be really straightforward you’re going to need one tool either a half-inch wrench or socket that’s really straightforward and then depending on your bed size this one’s a shorter bed so we’ve got three clamps in one position here here and then one closer to the back on a longbed application you’ll have two here in the middle.

Final Verdict

Hence, you just want to split that difference. Still, overall nice quick and easy to get installed and all of the adjustments are going to need to make as far as up here for our initial adjustment and our tension adjustment can really be done by hand now, my overall first impression of this cover comparing it to other covers in its category is that it’s excellent. I think they put a lot of nice features on it. I was reading through a lot of reviews online trying to see what people have used them for a year, so they’re saying about them, and everybody seems to have good positive things to say about it lasts a long time it stays nice and tight so I don’t think you’re gonna run into any big issues with this and that’s going to complete our look at the tuxedo pro x-15 soft tonneau covers

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