Tile Mate Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Tile Mate Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Tile Mate Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

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Tile Mate Black Friday Deals 2021

The tile mate Bluetooth tracker is all that straight is the tile mate it’s a Bluetooth tracker which is really made to hold on to your keys.

TILE MATE Black Friday


I’m one of those people I ever miss placing my keys I really lose them but I do miss placed them around my place and sometimes if I’m in a hurry I wind up being late cuz I’m looking for my keys and the last time that happened I said you know what this is never gonna happen again and I went out and ordered this bad boy on amazon that day so you could take a look at it is really simple it’s about one square inch roundabout.


This one has, unlike old versions you can put a battery in this bad boy alright I’m gonna have a little close up of all this you can put a battery in it so let’s get into it let’s show you how it works okay you want to go in your app store android or ios and then you just want to put in tile alright it’s gonna come up on both platforms okay and you just want to install it and open it alright alright then you want to make a little account and sign in and all the stuff you can use Facebook whatever real simple real easy all right you need Bluetooth.

You need to have your Bluetooth on and that’s it I already had it installed before I just wanted to show you guys and it’s just that simple show you some basic tests of me around the house in the places that most likely gonna be caught and let’s see what the sound is like all right let’s see if you can use this bad boy all right here we go with the coughs I’m gonna move the pillows and that’s my key right there and I’m gonna put that bad boy stuff it in there real good you know how keys get stuck.


I’m gonna put that back in there so that’s in there real good all right so let’s see how this bad boy works here’s my phone we’re gonna go to that towel app and now you just click on your app and you go right there to the left to a keys right there and then fine you just click on that fine button bam you hear that here so let’s go in there and get it let’s go under those pillows and let’s make it happen.

TILE MATE Black Friday deals

Why pick Tile Mate on Black Friday?

I see that it’s a nice sound so you can actually hear it alright so let’s go and then pull it out and you found your keys all right let’s try something else okay you see right there you can click on that eye and you can reverse it you can find your phone so let’s take our phone and lets the stuff that bad boy down in the couch come on with it come on stuff it up in there all right gonna put those pillows over that and then you take your keys and you double click it bang bang and listen and this even works if your phone is on silent let’s go get it all those pillows and you found your phone.

Final Verdict

Just like that good money baby good money so far so good but what I’m gonna do right now we’re gonna go out there in the streets ok we’re gonna go out in the field and we’re gonna see how this bad boy works in real time all right let’s see the distance on this bad boy all right guys so oh my hand this little park and I got my phone I got my keys.

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