Ticwatch Pro 3 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Ticwatch Pro 3 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Ticwatch Pro 3 Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

Products Name Offer Check Price
TicWatch Pro -
TicWatch Pro LTE 36%
Ticwatch Pro 4G/LTE (Renewed) 37%
TicWatch Pro S -
TicWatch Pro 3 -
TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS -

Ticwatch Pro 3 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

I have to start with the battery because there hasn’t been much change since I bought this watch. The battery lasts about 24 to 30 hours, so you never have to worry about having to charge your watch.

Ticwatch pro 3 black friday


If you charge it during the day or overnight, it takes about 40 to 45 minutes to charge, which is pretty quick. You know you can have your watch almost completely charged, and by the time you put your clothes on or something, you know your watch will be charged to about 40%, which is pretty good, and 40% will last you a long time.


The always-on display did not appear on the Apple Watch, and the others did not notice it until later. This one has been running since 2017. Even with the always-on display, you know your charge has been draining you for the entire day, so see, I leave the watch. It goes into the always-on display like that every one minute or half a minute, I believe. It refreshes, so you know you can change the theme like any other small watch in this one. You can download more from the store if you press and hold, so that’s pretty good. Check out Ticwatch Pro Black Friday.

ticwatch pro 3 cyber monday


This watch has the ability to download content from the internet, so you can go to the Google Play store. It’s always so quick that there’s almost no wait when you go to the app, and this is like watching a 3-year-old again. So let’s go to where os apps you can connect your watch to wi-fi, and you know you can make it to your phone and get internet from there are so many apps you can download on your smartwatch as you can tell there is all kinds of stuff.

Downloadable Assets

On my watch, I’ve downloaded all sorts of strange things. I have YouTube, so see this because you’ll need to download the full version of YouTube to get that thing off your screen, and here’s Facebook, which will get you a lot of wow’s. This is full-fledged Facebook on your watch, which is very impressive. I always do crazy things with everything I buy, so the tech watch also includes a full Google Assistant experience. You can use every feature available on other devices with Google Assistant, such as good assistant games, music, and other activities.


You have the Google Fit thing, as well as all the other fit stuff related to Google services. There are all of the built-in fitness apps for the smartwatch; let’s now discuss speed and performance. When you buy a new watch, these numbers usually change. You know, after you’ve had the watch for a few years. Nothing changed in my case. I’m trying to be honest at the same speed I bought it; perhaps the software updates I always receive on this smartwatch help the speed maintain so, unless you also mentioned updates.

Ticwatch pro 3 black friday deals

Why pick Ticwatch Pro 3 on Black Friday?

Because this watch is updated every 3 or 4 months, this system was not like that when I first purchased it. This interface, like the swipe down swipe up left-right, was different when I bought this watch years ago. As a result, performance is excellent; the internal storage in this watch is approximately eight gigabytes. That’s a lot for photo watch, so you have one gig of ram. When it comes to connectivity, this watch is pretty good; it connects to your phone pretty well, and you know, like any other smartwatch.

Durability & Performance

There will be some issues with connectivity; sometimes it will not connect. Still, in most cases, you don’t have to worry about the durability of this watch because, as you can see, it has a lot of scratches and wear and tear. However, it still works, but because of one of the strange things that happened to me, this car is water-resistant.

It’s something I’ve always swum with. I used it a lot in the shower. I took this wash to the hot tub and it survived. I took this watch to the steam room; you heard me say that. I want to lift this watch; it wasn’t working; it was showing all kinds of colors, and it shut down and kept restarting, so you know what you’d do if something like that happened; you’d take it and throw it in the rice.

Final Verdict

I left this wash in their eyes for three days, and when I took it out, it still didn’t work. I tried charging it, and it wouldn’t charge. Still, whenever you boot it up on the screen, it makes all these colours, so I put it in the rhymes for about three weeks. I like I forgot about my smartwatch I put it inside their eyes for three weeks and then when I turned it on it rebooted like the whole software like it is it asked me about my name and everything I had to restart the whole system thing Still, it worked, and now everything is back to normal.

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