TCL Alto 7+ Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for TCL Alto 7+ Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for TCL Alto 7 Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

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TCL Alto 7+ Black Friday Deals 2021

The black plastic alto 7 plus is on the smaller side, measuring 2.5 by 36 point o by 3 point 9 inches, with a forward facing grill covering dual 1.5 inch tweeters and dual 2.0 by 4.5 inch mid-range drivers. Above the status led is a tcl logo in the middle of the grille.

TCL Alto 7 Black Friday


The colour it emits tells you what source you’re listening to, and there’s a control panel on top with buttons for power source, Bluetooth pairing, and volume control in a recessed area. The sound bar’s back panel houses connections for hdmi, arc optical, 3.5 millimetre sachsen ir pass-through, and usb. The Alto 7 Plus supports Dolby Digital and can stream audio over Bluetooth. The sub measures 12 point 9 by 8 point 3 by 9 point 8 inches, with the 6 inch woofer placed on the rear panel, which also houses a ported area for better air flow.


The plug for the included power cable The remote measures approximately 0.7 by 6.0 by 1.5 inches and includes buttons for power, mute, bluetooth pairing, source, and three modes: movie, music, and news. The remote also has a central control pad with play/pause, track forward/backward, and volume up/down buttons.


In movie mode, there is no individual volume control for the sub, which is a bummer. We saw the crash scene in Blade Runner 2049 in which Ryan Gosling falls from the sky in what appears to be a military grade flying Lamborghini. Multiple explosions are seen in the scene, as well as through the alto 7 plus.

Why pick TCL Alto 7+ on Black Friday?

They have a lot of thunder in them. The base depth is matched by a crisp treble edge, which enhances the detail and clarity of the explosions and dialogue. It’s worth noting that, unsurprisingly, the alto 7 plus doesn’t get as loud as most of the sound bars we test, even at maximum volume. It still has plenty of power, and the depth of the subwoofer is impressive. When the Death Star explodes in Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope, the Alto 7 Plus once again delivers commendable thunder. The subwoofer isn’t particularly powerful, but it does the job, and the four drivers in the bar do an excellent job of keeping music and dialogue clear and crisp in music mode on tracks with heavy sub bass content.

TCL Alto 7 Black Friday Deals

Final Verdict

The alto 7 plus’s nice silent shout can deliver far more volume, and at maximum levels, the bass is delivered with serious power and no distortion at moderate levels. You still get a good sense of the bass depth, and it’s well balanced with the high mids and highs. We also tried out news mode, which basically increases the range of frequencies for human speech and can be used to watch movies.

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