Synology NAS DS118 & DS418 Black Friday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Synology NAS DS118 & DS418 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Synology NAS DS118 & Synology NAS DS418 Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

Synology NAS DS118 (Diskless)

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Synology NAS DS418 (Diskless)

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Synology NAS DS418 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

We’re going to be taking a look at the Synology Diskstation ds418. I previously had a Synology 2 bay the ds218 plus, but I was doing some other hardware videos. I plugged in the wrong power cord to it and blew the power supply, so we’re going to upgrade to the ds418 and always make sure to plug in the right power cord to the back of the unit. In the box, we need to get the Synology NAS populated with some drives. So we’re going to pop open the drive bay and then pull it out on the side. Also check Synology DS1520+ Black Friday Deals.

synology ds418 black friday


We have fastening panels on both sides, so we need to take that off, and I’m going to be populating this with four terabyte iron wolf drives. So we’ll grab our drive we want to make sure this side is facing down, put it in the drive bay and then push down.

We have to put the fastening panels back on, so we’ll put it at the back and then push in, and our one side is in; we need to do the other side. This drive is ready to go; we can place it back into the Synology NAS, push it down, and then click over. We’ll lock the drive bay, place the key in, and turn it to the right, and now the bay is locked.


We have our Synology mass populated with all our hard drives & I’m going to get this powered up plugged into my network. We’ll go over some of the specs and then get into the initial setup of the DSM now that we have our drive base filled in our Synology ds418.

CPU & Ram

One of the CPU features is a quad-core 1.4 gigahertz, the network we have dual one-gigabit LAN ports that we could put in a link aggregation or do a failover, and I’ll show you guys how to do that in a separate video for memory. We have two gigabit ddr4.


I was hoping that we would be able to expand this memory, but I believe you could do that in the ds418 plus model for performance. We have 226 megabits per second and 170 megabits per second sequential read and write, so Synology offers real-time collaboration on your private cloud.

synology ds418 black friday


We could stream content to our tv from our Synology NAS, and we also have a few other features. We have a Synology surveillance station, which I’ve used before, and I have videos on it. It’s a great VR system; it has desktop backup public cloud integration DSM UI, which we’ll be checking out shortly.

Final Verdict

It has built-in security tools to show us what is out of date and what needs updating and it also has a complete multimedia solution so let’s go ahead and get into the basic setup of our ds-418 so there’s a few different ways that we could access our Synology we could go to or we could go to disk station with port 5000.

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