Surface Pro 6 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Surface Pro 6 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Surface Pro 6 Cyber Monday new sales and discounts.

Surface Pro 6 Black Friday Deals 2021

The first version these surface rt and the surface pro 1 had the same color but it’s scratched if you just touched it it felt like your fingers were sandpaper and it just ripped the whole thing up and it looked pretty bad to be honest but this guy this guy has held up pretty well now full transparency.

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I do tend to baby my hardware a bit but you can see that the fingerprints are obviously very noticeable that is one downside but a quick microfiber cloth will clean that up but there are not any major scratches now if you take your keys to it and you you know you key it you are going to absolutely scratch right through that you can’t really tell but up here there are some deeper scratches and the light doesn’t really reflect to show it to refract to actually show but I can definitely see it in person but they’re very very minor.

I think of like a grain of sand is kind of running across there so it’s not perfect it will scratch but I don’t believe it’s as bad as the previous generation obviously it’s a smudge factory down here on the logo but otherwise, it’s still in really really good shape it’s honestly fared better than I expected so that was one of the primary concerns that did not materialize throughout the year now there’s a couple of other things to keep in mind here battery life on this guy I’m getting around five to seven hours really just kind of depends on what I’m doing and I use these things pretty heavily everything from photoshop. Check out Acer Swift 3 Black Friday Deals.


I don’t do video editing on here in photoshop does struggle a little bit but it’s fine it’s still meeting expectations and I don’t have any major worries with the battery life one of the bigger things though as we if I can grab that power button right there if you look there the bezels are still gargantuan that is one thing that has not changed and there’s no way it would change but the bezels are still the bezels and in the redesign Microsoft I fully expecting it to shrink the bezel or stretch the display much as they did with the surface pro x.



But again if this doesn’t bother and it probably doesn’t bother that many people it’s just I’m nitpicking here which is a good thing. The bezels are a bit you know they’re a little old and they make the device device look dated the other thing that has been a little bit frustrating is obviously no USB type-c now the surface pro 7 which was announced this month actually does have type c that being said if you can find a good deal on the surface pro 6.

The lack of usb type-c is disappointing you’re still getting a quad-core processor inside which is a good performing chip yes you’ll lose a little bit performance on the verse the surface pro 7 but I think the surface pro 6 offers has the potential I should say to offer incredible value especially because the surface pro 7 looks basically the same you really can’t tell the difference unless you’re nitpicking about the USB type-c otherwise it’s gonna be a good machine so overtime throughout the year I’ve been quite happy with this I think Microsoft has done a good job.

surface pro 6 black friday deals

Why pick Surface Pro 6 on Black Friday?

I think they finally have maximized their value out of this form factor while it does look a bit dated it is its trusty it’s it’s reliable I did have some wi-fi issues earlier this year but even there a driver update or a windows update fix that you kind of it was fine and then there was an issue and then now it’s fine again I’ve not had any problems with the the power buttons or anything like that that I had on previous generations where they weren’t always responsive as you just saw me turning this thing on pretty dang responsive it has worked out pretty well so the long story short here is the surface pro 6 for the year has a pretty good job it has met expectations.

Final Verdict

It’s not a home run it’s not a game-changing device anymore I mean we this thing has been around for many many years this form factor I should say so no big surprises there but at the end of the day it has been a good solid and reliable machine and to be honest that is the most important thing the lack of usbc what disappointing didn’t ruin my day didn’t make anything harder I just had to know that going forward for when I was taking devices and phones with me that I needed the adapter or just to take a different device.

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