Sony X800H 4K Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Sony X800H 4K Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Sony X800H 4K cyber Monday new sales and discounts.

Sony X800H 4K LED Black Friday Deals 2021

The x 800 h series from sony which is the second model up in their 4k lineup this year and offer some really great performance at a reasonable price point starting off with the design you can definitely tell this is where some of the cost savings come in the bezel is on the thicker side. Check out Samsung CRG9 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Sony X800H 4K Black Friday


It’s plastic instead of metal but it still looks decent it has the same kind of brushed metallic look as the 950 h just not the same feel the pedestal feet are a little different – they look a little bulkier and unfortunately just like almost every other tv now they’re far apart from one another on the 55 inch model that we’ve got here they’re about 38 and a quarter inches wide but obviously that’ll change based on what size you’re looking at and there’s a couple other things that change based on the screen size for the 800 h as well for example starting at the 55 inch model which is again what we have right here you get a direct lit screen there’s no local dimming but it is directly 49 and under are gonna be edgelet.



The 55 inch and larger also have x balanced speakers and the power supply is built into the tv the 49 and smaller have their standard speakers and an external power supply so the power cords a little bulkier now to touch on those speakers for a moment they sound a little hollow on this one this is in contrast to the 950 h we listen to that sounded surprisingly good with the same 20 total watts of power a sound bar would go a long way for this tv to enhance the overall experience as far as inputs go this has their standard 4 hdmis all of which are hdcp 2.3 compliant and one with an audio return channel 2 usbs a composite input rs-232c ethernet and an antenna hookup plus an optical audio out and a headphone output as well for wireless connections you get bluetooth and wi-fi and for anyone wondering about those hdmi is on the 800 h.


They are not hdmi 2.1 in fact this doesn’t even have an e arc just a standard audio return channel which is again where some of the cost savings are going to be found what this one does do very well is something that gamers will appreciate and that’s handling input lag with game mode turned on we were getting times under 10 milliseconds that’s better than what we were seeing really odd last year from any of sony’s tvs that we tested but without having variable refresh rate or auto low latency mode it’s probably not going to be a contender for the best gaming tv of the year when all is said and done and that being said it is a very nice tv.

Sony X800H 4K Black Friday Deals

Why pick Sony X800H 4K LED on Black Friday?

The great input lag times you also get a very nice picture this one’s gonna do best in a moderately lit to bright room in the dark I was seeing some light bleed in the lower left-hand corner of the screen but that’s not to say that they’re all going to do that it just happened to be there on the one that we opened and the blacks do have a bit of a gray overtone to them which wasn’t surprising since there’s no local dimming it’s definitely more prominent when you’re watching in a dark room in a well-lit room I think most people are really gonna enjoy the 800 h.

It was easy to pick up details in the shadows on hdr content and brights were very good actually much brighter than what we were seeing on last year’s 800 g colors were really good too I kept the picture setting on standard for the most part and was happy with what I was seeing but you also have the option to use dolby vision light and dark settings where they’re applicable and those looked good as well there is not netflix mode available on the 800 h though so that’s something to keep in mind now motion was handled well too.

Final Verdict

I prefer to turn any extra motion processing off and this one was really no different if you do use it you have the option to customize the settings but there’s no auto mode so you’ll need to adjust it manually based on whatever you’re watching then there’s the operating system which I thought was android oh but it turns out it’s actually android p which has apple airplay and homekit built in and it runs really smoothly there’s almost no delay between pressing a button on the remote and the screen reacting plus it’s got an easy layout for finding all of your favorite apps and the apps even seem to start up more quickly than they have in the past but I’m not really sure if that has to do more with our wi-fi connection.

The tv itself either way it was good to see the people who are gonna enjoy the 800 h2 the most are really gonna be gamers looking for great input lag times or people who want to tv with a really nice picture to put in a room that kind of gets a lot of light.

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