Sony SRS (XB33, XB43) Speaker Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Today, I will be reviewing the deals and sales on Sony SRS-XB33 Black Friday portable Bluetooth speakers. We are fortunate to have Sony as one of our brands in our catalog, and we were highly impressed by this compact speaker, which deserves a comprehensive review.

sony srs-xb33 black friday

Sony SRS-XB33 & SRS-XB43 Speaker Black Friday Sales:

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The SRS-XB33 offers an impressive array of features, including a sound quality that is noticeably superior. The packaging itself exudes a sense of quality, and the weight of the speaker gives you confidence in its sturdy construction. It features a fabric grille that is remarkably stable, with no noticeable movement.


The speaker showcases the Sony logo on the top, with base drivers that project sound outwards. The sides are elegantly framed with leather edging, adding a touch of sophistication. On the bottom, there are practical rubber feet that ensure stability on any surface. Additionally, the speaker can be positioned upright, which is ideal for those with limited space. The top panel houses convenient touch controls, including the power button and Bluetooth pairing button.


One of the standout features of the SRS-XB33 is its full waterproofing and saltwater resistance, making it suitable for use near pools, seas, deserts, forests, or anywhere on earth. Furthermore, its dustproof construction ensures that it remains unaffected by dust particles. The speaker is also designed to withstand bumps, scrapes, and knocks, making it perfect for outdoor activities and events. Even if you accidentally spill a drink on it, you can simply wash it off without damaging the speaker.

Party Mode and Lighting:

The SRS-XB33 includes an enjoyable feature called party mode, which activates the lights inside the speaker and along its edges. These lights flash in sync with the music, creating an immersive party atmosphere. Additionally, you have the option to customize the color of the side light. However, it’s important to note that not everyone may appreciate this feature, myself included.

sony srs-xb43 black friday

Battery Life:

The speaker boasts a claimed battery life of 24 hours; however, in real-world usage, it falls slightly short of this estimate, especially when using party mode, which reduces the battery life to approximately 14 hours. The speaker is equipped with a voice assistant that alerts you to different battery levels, allowing you to monitor it easily. Recharging the speaker from dead to full battery takes approximately five hours, and the included USB-C port ensures convenient charging.

Final Verdict:

The Sony SRS-XB33 and SRS-XB43 speakers are targeted towards the younger demographic, offering a wide range of features and improved sound quality. If you are a music enthusiast looking for a portable speaker that is built to last and adds a touch of fun with its lighting effects, the SRS-XB33 is definitely worth considering.

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