Sony RX100 III Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Sony RX100 III Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Sony RX100 III Cyber Monday new sales and discounts.

Sony RX100 III Black Friday Deals 2021

The Sony RX100 version 3. This out at their shop. This is a used camera. It is interesting to see how it holds up, but it’s fully functional.

Sony RX100 III black friday


If you’re unfamiliar with this line of camera the two most important aspects are the size. It’s basically pocketable. And also the sensor inside. It is a 1″ inch sensor. Compared to entry-level cameras. The 1″ sensor is quite a bit bigger than the 1/2.3″ sensor. The names are super confusing. I don’t get why they call them these things, but you can see in a graphic it’s a little bit over four times the area of that sensor.


There are six versions of RX100. Version 1 of course is still sold new all the way up to the recent versions. This is version 3, so it’s about in the middle of things. But there are two versions of five you have a “V” in a “VA”. I don’t know if they still sell the “V”. They’re probably done with that, but you can still buy it used. With version 3 there are some changes from the previous versions that you do benefit from. It does have a Bionz X processor. I guess it’s probably better than previous versions. 80 ISO minimum for version 3 and onward. Check out Sony RX100 Black Friday Deals


It has the 24 to 70 equivalent lens with F/1.8 to F/2.8 throughout that zoom. A few other interesting or key features of this camera. Does have a built-in ND filter it’s 3-stops. That allows you to more easily use larger apertures in bright conditions, or potentially have longer exposures. 1/2000th of the second shutter speed. That does also factor in with the ND filter. It helps out in that situation. 1080p 60 frames a second video recording. Compared to other versions of this camera it does improve quite a bit. It’s up to 4k video in the recent versions of this camera.

So not the best video wise. Estimated 320 photos per charge. That’s one of the better of this line of camera. In general you’re probably one at least a second battery. It can shoot RAW + JPEG. This is really one of the key features. I do like to use RAW photos. You can pull out a little bit more detail or pull out some more information in general with a RAW photo. So that’s a really great benefit to have that feature. A lot of the cheaper entry-level cameras can’t do that.


This camera does have contrast detect autofocus. It’s really not ideal. Especially when more recent cameras in this line, the 5 and the 6, do have phase detection on the sensor for focus. This camera does have a electronic viewfinder. It’s lower resolution than more recent models, but it seems pretty nice.. pretty clear.. pretty bright. It is very small. Does have a screen that tilts forward towards the user. It goes upward. Not ideal for that type of screen, but it is nice to have that selfie feature in there. Especially with a camera like this. When you do put the screen forward towards the lens and you’re in photo mode, you basically get a countdown with that automatically.

It’s pretty convenient for those selfie type photos. Of course, with vlogging this camera is relatively decent you don’t have any type of mic input. You can record audio separately. And of course with the contrast detect autofocus. Maybe it’s not ideal. I’m sure there are a lot of videos out there that can give you examples for that specific use case. If you’re pretty well-versed in photography, you tend to like a lot of manual control. A lot of settings to adjust to your liking, or specific situations. This line of camera does offer a lot of those options.

Sony RX100 III black friday deals

Why pick Sony RX100 III on Black Friday?

Full manual control. You can also adjust things with a nice dial on the front of the camera. So if you want to change your aperture you’ve got that dial right there by the lens. Handling isn’t bad for a small camera like this. There is a nice little textured grip on the camera. Helps you keep a good hold of it. Battery and memory card are down on the bottom of the camera. That’s not ideal, but it does work alright. Does have a tripod socket. However, it’s not inline with the lens. With cameras like this you have a lot of versatility in a compact package. A lot of control.

Final Verdict

So you are paying a premium for that. You are getting the larger sensor. However, if you compare cameras like the Canon EOS M100 that I have… That has an APS-C size sensor. So about three times the size of the 1″ inch sensor. Overall you probably can’t go wrong with any of the RX100 cameras. But considering price… Let’s look a little bit at the used prices on KEH. Which is a website in the United States that sells used cameras. It is quite a bit larger, but gives you a lot of options with the APS-C sensor. if I was going to buy a new RX100 camera.

I would probably go with the “VA” or 5 A version. It has the hybrid autofocus with the phase detect sensor. Version three seems just fine if you find a really good deal on it. Might as well check it out, but there are so many other options out there. So that was the rx100 version 3.

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