Sony A7 III Memorial Day Sale 2022

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Sony A7 III Memorial Day Sale 2022

The Sony a7 iii was a legendary camera full-frame sensor pro and features nobody else was doing it at this time just to kind of show you how amazing this is; canon and Nikon have come out with two different cameras to try to compete with this.

Sony A7iii Memorial Day


The Sony a7iii so image quality that’s one of those areas that Sony just nailed on this camera 24-megapixel backside-illuminated sensor; it was that sweet spot between great dynamic range low light performance and then still giving you enough resolution that you could push these files and print large.


This camera was the first big upgrade of their new color space and then another one shortly after it; each of those times, the color improved slightly.

Some of the other cameras just come out a little bit more pleasing straight out of the camera now. Anyone who says that this is a big negative is probably being way too harsh.


This camera had face tracking eye-tracking some of the best autofocus performance you would have seen in any camera. Then it did it all while focusing on 93 of the frame, which was just unheard of at the time, which means no matter where in that screen your subject is.

Eye Auto-Tracking

It is better eye auto-tracking and then it also had the ability to auto focus on a lot of pets like dogs and cats; however, a lot of other cameras have started to catch up to this technology right here I still think that the a7 iii holds its own in every area.

Sony A7ii Black Friday

LCD Screen

The LCD screen, the LCD screen, is so much better on the Sony α7 III than the a7R II that I had back in the day. I’m guessing they fixed it also on the a7R III, but anyways, the LCD screen, so much better now; I could see what I was doing; I didn’t have any issues with it at all other than the fact that it’s not a flip LCD screen.

Video Quality

I realized how much I like editing and using 1080p footage. Putting together this vlog took forever because it was 4K footage, a lot of it. It’s a lot harder on the computer and the editing software, plus the export took, like, at least four times longer than my average 1080p export.

Even though I export it into a 1080p video because of time restrictions, half the footage, like the 120p, was in 1080, so I did it in 1080- Anyways, it takes a lot longer.

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