Sony Alpha A6400 Memorial Day Sales 2022

Are you looking for Sony A6400 Black Friday Deals 2022? This article will give you a complete guide for Sony A6400 Memorial Day & Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

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Sony A6400 Black Friday Deals 2022

The limiting factor of content creation cinematography photography everything is at the point where it’s not the tools’ problem if you can’t make what you want on any budget.

sony a6400 black friday


The sony a6000 you’ve seen me make so many videos about this camera and honestly there’s a reason for that I’ve checked out a metric and not standard metric crap-ton of cameras this year and in no particular order the cameras that were considered for this listing of the best of the year was all of these looks at these scroll by so many cameras was a fantastic year for cameras so we’ve seen all of those but really quickly I want to mention for a camera to win overall best camera it has to be something that I’ve personally used.


I’ve made several videos covering the a 6,400 which you can find right here I think it’s it’s right over here right I think it’s over here what we’re gonna do today is we’re gonna compare the weaknesses of these cameras against some of the other cameras that we’ve already seemed strengths so you can see why even though it’s not perfect it is the single best competitors it takes like it takes the weaknesses and makes them the strengths oh yeah the a 6400 is applying to the job of being your personal camera.

Sony A6400 Memorial Day Sale

The 6400 is basically the successor to the 6300 it’s got the exact same body down to the number of customizable buttons and the battery size and that incredible 24-megapixel sensor where it physically differs from the 6400 is that flip up screen that we already mentioned pretty darn useful right yes the answer to that question is yes it’s actually very useful now unlike the new a 6600 and lit can we pause can we just let’s pause for just a second to reflect on how bad sony’s camera naming convention is it’s. Checkout Canon Eos R Memorial Day Sale.


I can’t see what I’m doing or I’m trying to like I’m trying to change something that’s going on with the camera and I accidentally mess up the focus I start tracking something in the background screws everything up so only having focus on the screen is actually like the worst way to implement touch controls take the yes 90d nrp for example they both have full touch enabled screens and let you change the settings while in front of the camera super-easy actually it’s probably my second favorite way to change my camera settings next to the lumix app which is controlled on this ipad.

sony a6400 black friday deals

Why pick Sony A6400 on Memorial Day?

The battery and memory holds out which honestly that’s one of the best features of this camera really puts it into a special class of cameras that can record forever without some kind of external support the lumix g95 that was released this year can also record forever much like its predecessor the g 85 and the g 95 is much more expensive than the a 6400 really only the lower end camcorders or that used g 85 from a few years ago could match the a 6400 in this regard one comes to both price and unlimited recording speaking back to that actual image quality though it’s fantastic.

I know sony to this day gets beaten up on its color science but I don’t actually have a problem with it you’re seeing it right now I actually think their color side looks perfectly fine now I did used to have real trouble with my a 6300 back in the day I mean my skin tones did turn out on the greenish side but since the third generation of a7 cameras I don’t have to do anything in post to make the footage look good it just looks good this is a six case sensor that down samples to 4k I record everything at 4k.

Final Verdict

The 100 megabit per second 4k is 8 bit for 200 internal if you can expose everything properly that’s fine but if you need to slap on a heavy grade the footage will fall apart now that’s something that the previously-mentioned xt 30 definitely trump’s the a 6400 on the xt 30 can record it up to 200 megabits per second 4k internal to the camera and can even externally record 10 bit 4 to 2 that’s impressed me all darn year this is a sony video but seriously good job on that food to the xt 30 is a beast.

I’ve rarely rarely had a problem with it it’s always focused on what I want there is no focus wobbling because it’s unsure of itself it doesn’t matter if you’re using native lenses or third-party lenses that autofocus it’s like it’s like the new terminator or those new creepy boston robotics robots that will just it’ll never stop chasing you and it.

It’s actually scary and again no weaknesses here apart from the canon cameras nothing else on market comes close to what sony’s got going on we already talked about the problem with the touchscreen so I won’t dwell on that here but for ease of use the only other real big weakness besides that touch screen is there is no internal stabilization there is an even sony’s electronic image stabilization all you’ve got is lens stabilization which which is fine.

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