Sonos Beam Amazon Prime Day Deals ~ June 2021 Sales

Are you looking for Sonos Beam Prime Day Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Sonos Beam Smart TV Sound Bar’s new sales and discounts.

Sonos Beam Prime Day Deals 2021

Today we are going to look at the Sonos beam. It’s got a fabric grill touch-sensitive buttons, and all this does is pause and play. This is the mute microphone button. I don’t know what these two buttons do, but I guess we’ll find out the top surface is concave fused weird for our home bar.


Take a look at the port at the back; you’ve got a power cable input. This is the reset button Ethernet port and HDMI port, so this only has one HDMI input, but if your TV doesn’t support HDMI ERC like mine. I have an old Sony TV; you cannot simply connect the supplied HDMI cable to your TV from the solos.

Voice Control

You have to adapt it using this HDMI to optical cable adapter. You need to grab the HDMI cable and convert it into an optical cable using the supplied HDMI two optical converter like this, and this way, you will be able to connect your old TV to this soundbar.

You can control both the beam and your TV with your voice, but yes, it will only work if your TV supports HDMI AARC and is connected to the solos beam using the HDMI port.

Streaming Music

The most significant advantages of the Sonos speakers are that they offer simple control, excellent sound quality, and they allow you to stream music wirelessly.

sonos beam prime day deal

So if you have a music service like Spotify or Amazon Music, or Pandora, you can stream those music services wirelessly on Sonos in pretty much every popular streaming service out.

Sonos App

There connects to Sonos, which makes it easy to stream and play music. The app interface on the Sonos app is excellent for control, and it just makes it easy to turn on some music and start listening without any complicated remote controls or connections.

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