Sonos AMP Amazon Prime Day Deals 2022

Are you looking for Sonos AMP Prime Day Deals 2022? This article will give you a complete guide to Sonos AMP Amplifier’s new sales and discounts.

Sonos AMP Prime Day Deals 2022

This article will cover all of the connections on the amp and the most popular situations. The Sonos amp is a compact wireless single zone amplifier that can replace an existing amplifier. You must power your third-party hi-fi components like your passive bookshelf floor stand-in in-ceiling or outdoor speakers.

sonos amp amazon prime day

While still benefiting from the Sonos ecosystem, you can keep any of your favorite third-party speakers at home and integrate these with the Sonos app. You can stream music to them or group them with other sony speakers around your home, to name a few features. Check out Sonos Beam Prime Day Deals.


You’re provided with the amp, the mains power, plug setup guides, and banana plugs for connecting speakers. You’re not provided with an HDMI cable, RCA cable, or ethernet cable, so you will need to source those yourself. If you need any of those, you’ll notice it’s a lot smaller than more traditional amplifiers.


Sonos has tried to get away from the old aesthetic of bulky amplifiers and taking up large amounts of space on the front of the product.

It’s pretty minimalistic with the play pause button and volume controls which you can use for skipping tracks or grouping with your broader sonar system if you are near your amp and want quick control without needing to open the Sonos app.

Wireless Speaker

If we look at the back of the amp, you’ve got your main power connection and the join button for connecting to your wi-fi wirelessly, which we see on other central speakers.

You’ve also got a handy line-in for connecting other audio components such as a turntable or cd player that you’d like to integrate into your Sonos system simultaneously.

Sound Quality

What’s great is that not only does it automatically detect your line in the source when it’s active, but once you’ve established that lining connection with your audio component. You can then wirelessly share that audio around your home to other sonar speakers.

You have an HDMI arc connection for your TV if you want to listen to the tv audio through the amp and connected speakers. You would use this connection, and it also features a handy air sensor built-in so you can pair your tv remote with the amp for volume control when you’re watching tv and listening to music.


The Sonos amp then the Sonos amp are perfect. You want to replace an existing amplifier with something more compact, or if you’d like to power your home with ceiling speakers or built-in audio while still benefiting from the Sonos ecosystem. If you’re new to Sonos, you’ll find the Sonos app is reliable and intuitive to use day-to-day, and that experience shows when you compare it with other similar wi-fi-based systems.

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