Skywalker Trampolines Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

Are you looking for Skywalker Trampolines Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Skywalker Trampolines Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

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Skywalker Trampolines Black Friday Deals 2021

This article will cover all 15 foot round trampolines regardless of color before assembling your trampoline. Would you please do a complete inventory of both boxes? You should have received box 1 of 2 and box 2 of 2. Please use the parts list in your manual to assist you in your inventory; please locate top tubes with t joint and top tubes with T socket with the spring holes. The ground inserts the top tube with a T joint into the top tube with a T socket. It does not matter. Suppose the T joint or socket is on the left or middle, as long as all T joints and sockets are in the exact location throughout the assembly.

Skywalker Trampolines Black Friday

In that case, T sockets will have an extra welded piece, and T joints will not now locate two leg extensions, one leg brace, and four self-tapping screws attach the leg extensions to the middle leg brace and secure using two self-tapping screws.


Now insert the leg extensions into the trampoline t joint and T socket secure using the self-tapping screws. Repeat this step five more times. You should now have six completed trampoline frame sections. Please note the next step requires two people to flip two of the leg sections over so that the spring holes face the sky instead of the ground. Insert top tubes together to form. The round frame ensuring the tee sockets and T joints are the alternating examples.


It would help if you had a top tube tee socket top to T joint to continue this pattern to complete your frame layer. It has a jump mat on the ground inside the completed frame with the warning labels and enclosure net on top. The enclosure net may come pre-attached to the jumping net. If not, please refer to your owner’s manual.


The enclosure net door should be placed over a tee joint attach your first ring here after attaching the first spring. Attachment to the remaining Springs evenly across the trampoline ensures that the tension is distributed evenly. While attaching, this can be done by Counting 24 spring holes and 24v rings from the original spring and attaching another spring repeat this process until you have four evenly spaced Springs from there; place a spring in the middle of each of the existing Springs.


This can be done by Counting twelve Springs and 12v rings from an existing spring once these eight Springs are attached. The remaining Springs evenly throughout the frame; we found it most comfortable rotating around the trampoline, attaching a spring to the right of an existing spring until all Springs are placed lay the Springpad on the frame to place the slits above the tee sockets.

Now attach the Springpad to the frame using the straps on the underneath side. For more information regarding the Springpad Assembly, refer to your owner’s manual after you have attached the spring pad to the frame. The trampoline portion is now wholly assembled.

skywalker trampolines black friday deals


We will now assemble the enclosure frame by locating one straight and one curved enclosure pole. We will attach the two poles, ensuring the two holes on the curve tube face the sky and secure the two poles together using a self-tapping screw. Once the two poles are secured together, slide one foam sleeve over the curved pole and one over the straight pole.

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If you are having difficulty putting the foam on the enclosure poles, we have found that putting some water on the inside allows. The foam slide more easily. Repeat this step five more times until all six poles are assembled. Place the coloured pole cap on top of the curved pull with the glued and nut facing the jumping mat, located on top of the enclosure net.

Final Verdict

The top of the pole cap aligning the holes; insert the m5 by 50 millimetre bolt with a black plastic cap repeat this step five times for the remaining enclosure poles. Do not tie the straps at the top; lift the enclosure poles and place them into the Associated T sockets repeat. All enclosure poles have been inserted once all enclosure poles have been inserted, all black plastic and caps into the bottom of the tea sockets. Now using a ladder, tie the straps around the top of the pile caps.

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