Skytech Archangel Gaming Computer Black Friday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Skytech Archangel Gaming PC Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Skytech Archangel Gaming Computer cyber Monday new sales and discounts.

Skytech Archangel Gaming Computer Black Friday Deals 2021

All right so I stumbled across this gaming PC that I found on Amazon which actually I think is pretty well priced for what it is as a really decent case the Dow only real downfall about it. I’ll just get to the negatives. So I don’t personally like Asrock motherboards. I don’t know I just find that they kind of look ugly they’re a little bit more trashy but they are perfectly fine it’s nice that it has four slots oh that’s good next is the Zotac GPU which I always have a problem with every ZOTAC GPU. I’ve had always underperforms but they are reliable they do last next is only having one fan to pull cool air in while having three to shoot hot air out but at the end of the day it’s not the end of the world so this gaming PC comes on the rise in five 2600 X which is basically an overclocked 2600. If you don’t feel comfortable with overclocking this one does have very very nice speeds and you could just pop it in and it’s good to go you don’t have to do any overclocking to it you can if you want but you don’t have to next it has the 1666 gigabyte which is an absolute perfect graphics card especially start off. Checkout iBUYPOWER Pro MR9270 Black Friday Deals.

Skytech Archangel Gaming Computer Black Friday

The higher mid-level range considering the RX 580 gets beat by it by several percent next is just a standard SSD 500 gigabyte which is not an m2 so it’s nothing super fantastic traditional hard drives use usually 720 rpm to spin to pull information SSDs don’t have any moving components. So if your PC ever tipped over what was on you wouldn’t lose all your information because the disk couldn’t get scratched it says that its seats can be up to 30 times faster. I don’t really think it’s so I’m pretty sure it’s 15 times faster and then the m2 because it doesn’t have to use a SATA cable it plugs into the bottom. So there’s no cable to slow it down pretty sure that one is thirty times faster. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that’s what it is next has a built in Wi-Fi which is perfectly fine I just personally don’t like two sticks hanging out and blocking the fan but you can put it any direction.



So it’s kind of a mute point it doesn’t really matter so I built it here which I did change out one part because this one was cheaper with a faster speed just to keep it a little fairer. If you are going to try to build this yourself and try to get it as close as possible here you know what we’re just gonna switch it over. If you were gonna do it yourself there is a 450 gigabyte which is about three dollars cheaper which I would choose above the asrock just because gigabyte it’s very easy to use in overclocking and then the MSI just had a much faster speed. So you can see the turbo speed is 1830 while the Zotac one is only 1075 quite a difference but that’s just me. I would just choose the faster one and MSI to me it’s just a better quality GPU. I have the same chassis on a 2060 as that MSI Ventus and it does absolutely great sixteen gigabytes of RAM at three thousand speed this one says sixteen gigabytes but it only shows one stick by debiting. They’re going to give you one stick of 16 but even if they did it’s perfectly fine.

I would always suggest having at least two sticks of RAM. If you’re doing eight two by four if you’re doing sixteen two by two by eight and if you’re doing 32 with 16 to 16 just because the using multiple channels will speed up your game especially before night with low settings yeah so what this build is missing is currently sitting at.


I feel like something’s missing got it got it got it got it feel like the price went down five hundred and ninety five dollars plus you’re going to have to add no there’s definitely something missing. I’m missing the graphics card no I’m not what the heck is missing that price is much lower than what did huh it was a second ago OS there’s better sale all right well why don’t we do it this way because it doesn’t look like anything’s missing. We’re gonna find out what the final price is five ninety five what’s the change thirty-two then you’re going to be adding this – ten percent.


So we’ll say twenty dollars which these are the fans that I use in mind if they’re RGB and you are able to hook up three more. If you ever plan to buy more fans for the front at any time if that’s what you are into so we’ll just put in twenty bucks don’t worry about the shipping I live in Canada so it’s automatically defaulting next is Windows 10 Pro which this one has sold a lot and there’s been yeah four thousand seven hundred and sixty six and this is 638. Next is the Wi-Fi which I use which does absolutely great job I get perfect speeds with this I have no problems with it and it is 1080 632 bucks well this one is 800 got the CPU got the motherboard got the memory at the hard drive got the GPU.

Skytech Archangel Gaming pc cyber monday

Why pick Skytech Archangel Gaming PC on Black Friday?

You buy the pre-built if you have any problems especially being Amazon you can return it no questions asked 30 days so if you get it you decide you hate it or it’s not performing right. You can return it very very easily so this is the the most generic CPU if you plan to do no overclocking but the nice thing about this computer comes with a 26 26 hundred X which is great for streaming cuz that’s both threads over the 6 you can stream with this one perfectly fine but this one if you use multiple programs like all these programs that are up.

It’s going to run a lot better with having the 12 cores this one you can not overclock it’s stuck to what it is and then this one you can overclock do about 2% higher FPS on average than this one next is the rx 570 is basically the most generic 60 frames pretty much every game you throw it. It sort of thing 50 is 60 range and then this one scores about 31 percent higher which is nice to know that every game that you play you’re gonna get over 60 frames which it’s very nice if you plan to get 144 Hertz monitor you’re playing on high setting.

Final Verdict

I grant the daughter you’re gonna get 72 you lower it you’ll get around 100 overwatch you can clear 144 Pub G you should be able to get 144 and then fortnight you should be able to as some overclocking pull up to the 200 range or maybe even higher but yeah above all the 1660 is the absolute perfect upper mid level graphics card which will last a while it has 6 gigabytes of vram which is nice which is more than enough. If you are comfortable building of course there’s better options I would choose a different 1660 I choose a different motherboard it’s to save some money get better performance maybe even at a liquid cooler rather than the RGB fans and you’re probably gonna have a better running system.

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