SiteGround Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for SiteGround Black Friday deals 2021? Here is the best SiteGround Hosting black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, sales, and discount.

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What’s the most important part of a website is it your blog your images that super cool logo. You spent way too much time on I’d argue it’s where your website lives picking the wrong host for your site can cause you serious problems down. The road that can waste both your time and money to help you avoid any hosting headaches. I’ll be breaking down all of the pros and cons of site ground as well as share my personal experience with their hosting platform. There are more cyber threats than ever before, and SiteGround is leading the way in protecting.

SiteGround Black Friday Deals 2021

Its customers SiteGround have recently introduced cutting-edge artificial intelligence that has stopped more than 2 million attacks across. The internet their BOTS busting security can identify and isolate automated threats such as DDoS attacks and brute force logins before. They become a problem on top of their proactive security SiteGround also has plenty of customizable features such as IP blacklisting spam protection and password protected directories. It’s safe to say that SiteGround takes its security seriously try to say that 1 3 times fast. If you’re like me, you believe privacy should be a default option with everything online, so when I did some digging into site grounds privacy policy.

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I was pleasantly surprised site ground was one of the first hosting platforms to become GDP compliant. This means you provide the essential data needed to create your account, and nothing more you have full control over what information SiteGround has and have the ability to edit it and download it. They even have an assigned Data Protection Officer whose job is to solely make sure your data is secure I’d like to imagine my data protection officer look something like Hulk Hogan.


You want to take your privacy a bit further you can add site grounds ID protect service to your hosting plan for only one dollar a month the service masks your information. If anyone tries to look up who owns your website, it’s not mandatory but for those who’d like some additional privacy with their website. This is a great value let’s touch on the quality of servers SiteGround uses and why it’s important even if your website is small.

Now it will inevitably grow, and when it does, you’ll want servers that are fast reliable and available to anyone anywhere SiteGround has six data centres located across. The globe to allow for blanket coverage no matter where you are which is vital when expanding your audience in a six month monitoring test site ground servers had 100% uptime and didn’t go down once not even for maintenance.

SiteGround Hosting Deals

The last thing you want is for a visitor to get bumped off your site right before trying to checkout but what’s worse than a website that’s completely down one that just takes forever to load. You know where it just spins and spins in this day and age a slow website is just plain unacceptable and SiteGround doesn’t cut any corners when compared to Bluehost site ground took the number one spot. Checkout A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals.

SiteGround Hosting Cyber Monday Deals

When it comes to speed under a stress test site ground was 40% faster than its competition. I also tested site grounds DNS speeds which is an often overlooked part of picking a web host so what is DNS it’s what translates into an IP address number that servers can understand think of DNS as a translator that lets humans talk to robots, and those robots get to the websites. You want to go to I’m happy to report that site grounds DNS speeds are fast across the board and are right on par with other hosting providers what’s the slowest website. You’ve been to did you wait for it to load or leave to go to another site. Let me know in the comments below as a website owner.

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I like my hosting controls to be clear and easy to find managing the backend of your website shouldn’t be a pain and with SiteGround. It’s not SiteGround used to use a platform called Cpanel but has since upgraded to a better-looking version called site tool. Site tool is built straight from features that customers have specifically requested making it cleaner and easier to use than cPanel everything from creating a new website to adding features has been streamlined down to just a few clicks my favourite feature in site tools is the ability to pin commonly used settings for instance. If I’m regularly adding DNS entries I can pin the DNS tab directly to the top of the page for easy access it’s this level of customization combined with site grounds ease of use that make this layout one of my favorite features of site grounds hosting.

Final Verdict:

Now I love to tinker and do things myself but having reliable and prompt customer support is an absolute must in my book so where does site ground support rank they offer 24/7 365 live chat and a toll-free number for support. I tested their chat myself and was connected with a live person in under two minutes. I compared this to GoDaddy support and didn’t get a human response for 6 minutes knowing that I can get an actual human to help me quickly gives me the peace of mind. I need when building my business online so we’ve gone over a lot of the feature SiteGround has to offer let’s get into the pricing SiteGround is competitive when it comes to its hosting plans but what I value the most is their clarity, unlike other hosting plans site grounds pricing, is straightforward and easy to understand.

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