SINGER 4423 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for SINGER 4423 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for the SINGER 4423 Cyber Monday new sales and discounts.


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SINGER Heavy Duty 4423

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SINGER 4423 Black Friday Deals 2021

The singer heavy duty is so famous because they’re selling these like hotcakes viral machine it’s not a bad machine.

SINGER 4423 black friday


The only problem with it is it’s not heavy-duty; it’s all plastic. It’s got a little stainless steel bedplate here. This is very similar to a machine that I sold in the 70s. They’ve updated it by putting a stainless-steel bed plate on it’s got a drop-in plastic bobbin case is plastic. It’s got a bobbin winder over here automatically disengaged, which helps people who don’t have the hand strength and loosen that clutch over there.

It’s got a little paul in there that’ll break it’s got adjustable pressure on top which is nice you can adjust how much pressure you want on your fabric that’s a nice feature if they would just say it’s a nice little machine and here’s the money that would be one thing but the heavy-duty is very very misleading because in my world heavy duty is not this machine there are a lot of machines out there that are heavy-duty. Check out Brother SE400 Black Friday Deals.


This is not it, in my opinion, it’s easy to use reverse lever until it breaks its plastic it’s got a cam behind here that’s prone to break when I stitch these out for customers. I only do it on the straight stitch I don’t turn this dial because I’ve had it break while you’re turning it so this is a very high little machine I have a lot of customers who have them. If they don’t try to do something goofy with it like so on jeans denim canvas, you know trying to make a saddle with or something goofy like that’s a joke.


I tell people don’t think it’s heavy-duty; you don’t put a big size 18 needle in there and try to sew on designer drapes; it’s just not going to work a long time they try to put the heavy thread on it got a customer today they had one. She had button craft thread on it, which is for hand sewing only but upholstery thread you name it people get these because they say heavy-duty they think it’s an upholstery machine. They throw that money down a hole I see these sitting in the corner almost every place I go when someone buys the wrong machine first; this is it, so if you want an excellent little tool that’s lightweight for doing just regular day-to-day thin sewing.

SINGER 4423 black friday deals

Why pick SINGER 4423 on Black Friday?

I always say shirts and jammies and blouses and pillowcases anything heavy-duty doesn’t get this machine. I don’t recommend it for that. Otherwise, it’s not a lousy Lucien I don’t mind a little engine it’s not bad for the price. Still, it’s undoubtedly not heavy-duty, and this is the singer to what model is this guy here; it’s called the oh g for 4 to 3 I see him with different names different models, but this one is the 4 4 2 3, not a bad little machine.

Final Verdict

The accessory tray the feed dog lever is at the back of the machine to lower the feed dogs slide the bar to the right to raise the feed dogs slide the lever to the left the feed dogs will come up when you start to sew presser foot lifter different positions.

The presser foot lifter lets you set the presser foot in three different positions in the lowest position for sewing in center position for placing the fabric under the presser foot and removing it and for changing presser feet in the highest area for removing extremely thick fabric layers changing presser feet is incredibly easy to make sure the needle is in the up position raise the presser foot lifter and push the presser foot release button to remove the foot place.

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