Don’t Miss Unbeatable Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals on the Shure SM7B 2023

Don’t miss unbeatable Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on the Shure SM7B microphone. A favorite in professional podcasting studios worldwide for decades. Featuring a dynamic cartridge and wide-range frequency response, the SM7B delivers clean and natural music and speech reproduction. The air suspension shock isolation and pop filter reduce noise and breathiness, ensuring clear and vibrant speech. If you’re a live streamer or podcaster, don’t miss the chance to own the Shure SM7B microphone at a fantastic Black Friday and Cyber Monday price.

Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone Black Friday Sales

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The Shure SM7B is the most popular microphone for streamers. It’s a powerful mic that doesn’t distort or color your voice and has a minimal proximity effect for vocals (meaning you don’t have to be right on top of the mic). If you need a new microphone in time for Black Friday, this is one option worth considering. The SM7B usually retails at more than 400$ but will be discounted during Black Friday weekend & Shure sm7b Reddit sales also benefit you.

The Shure SM7B is the perfect upgrade from your primary webcam mic if you want higher-quality sound when streaming games online. This black Friday deal includes an almost discount retail price making it an even more attractive purchase.


Shure sm7b if you are interested in this microphone. Quality is one of those cases that set the gold standard for what to expect from broadcast microphones. It has an all-metal construction and a nice amount of weight to it. It’s just sturdy and well-thought-out all around on the back of the receiver; you’re going to find two switches, one for a low-cut filter and another for a mid-boost switch. As you can see, it already has the mounting system attached, so you’ll connect this directly to your stand and link your carport right there.

Shure SM7B Black Friday

Best Dynamic Microphone for Beginners:

I’ve wanted to upgrade my recording setup for most of my life. I used to be satisfied with my simple Shure mic, the SM58; it’s an excellent microphone in its price range, suitable for vocals, and good enough for me when recording live guitar. But there was always something limiting about having only one microphone when recording acoustic guitar, and I always thought there was something more professional. After all, the SM58 is only a dynamic microphone; if you want to record snares or things like that (you don’t), then it’s not enough.

For a beginner home-studio recording setup, we’ll want an XLR mic, either a condenser mic (ideal) or a dynamic mic like the SM57/SM58. Of these, condensers are much better suited for vocals because they’re much more sensitive; you would need to be near your computer monitor when recording vocals with an SM57.


Some people may be thinking, well, how do you connect a shock mount to this thing, and to be honest, you don’t need one because there is an internal air suspension system to help with any bumps to the microphone stand or handling noise as far as specs. Also, check Shure SE215 Black Friday Deals.


This thing has a cardioid polar pattern, a frequency response of 50 hertz to 20 kilohertz, a sensitivity of negative 59 decibels that are so quiet, and an impedance of 150 or 300 ohms.

Sound Quality:

Now play with the switches and show you how to change the sound. I’m speaking into the microphone with a low-cut field, which is how the audio sounds; I switched on the mid boost, which is how the audio sounds with those extra mids in the mix. I’ve enabled the low-cut and mid-boost two switches, which is the sound you would get out of the microphone in this scenario.

shure sm7b sale reddit

I’ve switched it back to the flat mode, which is my preference, and this is how the microphone sounds. Once we add the giant pop filter onto the mic, as you can tell, it does decrease.


The higher frequencies just a little bit, which gives you an idea of that sound now moving around the microphone, what the actual polar pattern is, how the audio sounds as we move around to the microphone, and what kind of off-axis rejection we get from this mic.

Shure SM7B Black Friday Deals


Right up on the windscreen of the microphone to demonstrate what kind of proximity effects you can get out of this microphone and because this mic is so quiet, just like the majority of other broadcast dynamic mics. I recommend picking up a mic activator like the cloud lifter cl1 or the flathead. In this case, I have the flathead. It’s allowed me to drop my game down to about 45 percent, get an excellent level, and decrease the amount of preamp noise you’re picking up in your recording.

Why pick Shure SM7B on Black Friday?

This mic may not be for you, but I’ve got to say that it is excellent; it’s the mic I use every day. I don’t know what else to say. I’ll repeat, this mic is excellent, so what can I say about this thing? I mean, I love this microphone; it’s my daily driver. It’s the mic that I’ve used on pretty much every podcast I’ve recorded over the last three years. Hence, in terms of pros, I think this mic sounds incredibly natural with accurate sound reproduction; it can adjust the microphone’s tone with the switches on the back.

shure sm7b cyber monday

It also does a pretty good job at background noise rejection while also forgiving if you move slightly off-axis which is beneficial if you’re podcasting or in a broadcast situation. It has a frequency response of up to 20 kilohertz. It’s insanely durable, and then in terms of cons, it’s really dang expensive, and it’s also hushed as is the case with many dynamic microphones, so you’ll have to drive your preamps pretty hard or pick up a mic activator.

Final Verdict about Shure SM7B Black Friday:

I think this mic sounds good on the electric and amazing on the voice, but then on the acoustic guitar, it leaves quite a bit to be desired. Still, the reason why I love this microphone so much is that you get all the benefits of a dynamic broadcast microphone without being limited.

I mean that a lot of dynamic broadcast microphones offer you one tone, and that’s the super boomy radio voice, which you would never want on a musical recording. You can get that tone out of this microphone with a little bit of processing, but also, you can record pop vocals on this thing or record some screaming metal vocals.

If you want to take it to that next level and get that little bit of added frequency response from 18 to 20 kilohertz and an improved low-end, then I 100 recommend this microphone.


Why is the Shure SM7B so popular?

I’ve been using the Shure SM7B as a professional voiceover mic for years. It’s made my studio one of those places that people who work in radio, film, and TV know about. Why do they seek me out? Lots of reasons, but I think at least part of it is due to my love affair with this microphone.

It’s not to say I haven’t tried other mics. After all, it might be nice if one mic could do everything, and there are plenty of “do-everything” microphones out there for much less than the SM7B. Despite my efforts, nothing has yet replaced my trusty Shure for certain types of voice work.

It’s no secret that the Shure SM7B is a low-output mic, and it needs some help to sound great on things other than speaking voice (voiceover). For this reason, I opted for the Cloudlifter CL-1, which does wonders by giving phantom power to lower output sources. This is where the SM7B shines when you boost it. The Cloudlifter does that in spades.
Another thing I noticed is that the Shure SM7B also works best for me with EQ. It doesn’t need much, but a little compression helps, too (I use the Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressor). I’ve used this combination on countless jobs, and I’m always happy with the results.

Does the Shure SM7B go on sale?

The Shure SM7B is a popular microphone and its price reflects that, so it’s not likely to go on sale very often. However, it might be possible to find discounted versions of the mic from select retailers or during special occasions, such as Black Friday.

Is the Shure SM7B worth the money?

The Shure SM7B is a dynamic cardioid microphone originally designed for radio stations and broadcast studios. Over the years, it has gained popularity among musicians, podcasters, and YouTubers. While the Shure SM7B is not an inexpensive microphone, purchasing it on Black Friday can result in significant savings. The key question to consider is whether this microphone is a worthwhile investment.

The answer to this question depends on your specific requirements and budget. The Shure SM7B is renowned for its versatility, durability, and excellent audio quality. It offers a flat frequency response, making it suitable for recording various vocals and instruments. This microphone can handle high-volume sources without distortion, making it an excellent choice for recording drums, electric guitars, and other loud instruments. Additionally, it comes with a built-in pop filter to minimize plosives and breath sounds, which is especially advantageous for vocal recordings.

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