Shure SE215 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Shure SE215 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Shure SE215 Earphones’ Cyber Monday new sales and discounts.

Shure SE215 Black Friday Deals 2021

The shore se215 sound isolating earphones these earphones still work correctly to this day, and they even look brand-new after using them I always store them in the carrying case that they provided to keep it away from dust.

shure se215 black friday


I want to add some protection to it when I’m storing it in my backpack the case isn’t a hard shell carrying case, so it doesn’t provide that much protection. Still, against general wear and tear; this will work just fine the build quality, in general, is excellent. It is made of hard plastic it might not be as durable as earphones with the metal build, but this still holds up very well, and I never thought that we’re going to break or crack at any point.


When I had them, and because these are made of plastic, they are also very light. They are very comfortable when you wear them the cable is very long which a lot of people will like and find useful. Still, for me when I wear these earphones when I’m out, I always have to stick the cable in my pocket because it’s too long. If I hang it too low, then I can hear the wires bouncing around when I’m walking as you guys already know these earphones are not inserted into the ear like most other earphones, and you need to loop the cable up and around your ear. Check out Jaybird Freedom In-Ear Wireless Black Friday Deals.


When I first bought these it took me a little longer to fit them into my ears but after three or four times you will get a lot quicker since I use the foam ear tips and I have rather large ear canals to squish the foam tips before inserting them into my ear so that they expand and they can create a good seal since these are foam after I insert them it will take a few seconds for it to expand and in order to block out all the noise when they are in they do an excellent job with sound isolation and for me these are almost as good as headphones with active noise cancellation and another positive is that you don’t get the hiss that comes with a and c.


There’s no discomfort when wearing these even for very long periods. Now the last thing I want to talk about is, of course, the sound a lot of people already know that these are one of the most popular items and a lot of people think that the music is excellent for me. I think the music is good; it’s not exceptional; it’s not even close to being wrong; I think it’s just good sound is subjective. Still, to me, these have a hot and rich sound.

shure se215 black friday deals

Why pick Shure SE215 on Black Friday?

These have good bass and mids but the highs being rolled off a little bit because of this it makes music very pleasant to listen to and to listen for long periods at high volumes. Please don’t give me a headache err they don’t annoy me whatsoever when comparing them directly to higher-end headphones or other earphones they don’t sound as clear.

I think they still get the job done. I think a lot of people will not have any problem with the way they sound I also think the instrument separation is ok. The soundstage is mediocre this is most likely because they are still powered off a single micro driver one thing to note is that the foam ear tips will give you a slightly different sound compared to the silicone ones.

Final Verdict

There are a couple of things you have to consider if you are a critical music listener. There are a lot of other options out there that sound better than these and are a lot cheaper, for example, you can find a lot of Chinese HiFi earphones that will sound better than these, and you can get them often. I still think these are worth buying along with good sound you’re paying more for the excellent build quality a long durable cable a smaller, more comfortable earphone.

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