Shure MV7 Dynamic Microphone Black Friday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Shure MV7 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Shure MV7 Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

Shure MV7

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Shure MV7 Dynamic Microphone Black Friday Deals 2021

It sounds phenomenal for the money; it’s finally created a mid-tier microphone. We’ve had those lower-tier microphones like blue yeti and below, and then we have the higher tier microphones that are 500 plus for the whole setup. Where has the mid-tier of microphones been? It finally exists right here, and because this microphone is a hybrid of USB and XLR. Also get a Black Friday deal on Shure SM7B.

shure mv7 black friday

I’m going to do a recording test today where I run it through XLR, which is what you’re listening to right now through my road caster Prell. I’m going to give you a live demo of the way it sounds through USB because it’s got the sure motive software I’ve set up right now for this demo for you, where it makes the USB sound phenomenal, maybe even better than the way.

High Quality Sound

It allows you to have a very high-quality USB sound that you’ll hear later and upgrade later on to go into the end game. With this microphone, by getting a road caster pro mixer or some other rack-based processing to make yourself sound gangster during your streams or your podcast or whatever, that’s what’s so incredible about this microphone that truly creates a mid-tier of the microphone.


It’s probably better than almost any other entry-level microphone on the USB side. I can definitively say that based on my initial testing, and then you can bring it up, so it can compete with the big boys on the XLR side, which makes this microphone an incredible value.

I have a noise suppression compressor and limiter, and right over next to me, there’s some sure processing free software that comes along with it, and I cranked up all the settings from maximum processing. I’ll move out of the way, so the processing that comes with the microphone on the software side allows you to have an eq mic gain.

Final Verdict

You can choose your monitor mix; you can do different compression, and as you can hear, it sounds fantastic through the USB. I think it sounds fantastic. I’m going to turn noise suppression off compressor off the limiter, and now I’m going to turn the compression down, and I’m going to leave the gain up.

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