Shark IQ RV1001AE Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Shark IQ RV1001AE Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Shark IQ RV1001AE cyber Monday Self-Empty XL Robotic Vacuum new sales and discounts.

Shark IQ RV1001AE Black Friday Deals 2021

The Apex was great too, but I actually ended up getting rid of it because I have such a small house and it’s hard to have so many of these appliances and keep them, appliances, vacuums because we’ve also reviewed a number of stick vacuums. So, I ended up keeping my Oreck, which I had a 25-year warranty for and got rid of the Shark, which I kind of regret, but the other thing about the Shark for me, for our home, because I have had flees before, was that it didn’t have, it wasn’t a bagged vacuum, it was a bagless vacuum and for flees you need a bagged vacuum. So, when I was trying to weigh between the two I decided to go ahead and get rid of the Apex because of that, but I loved, loved, loved that vacuum. It was an awesome vacuum. Okay, so, this is the Shark IQ Robot. So, if you guys are familiar with robot vacuums, then it’s Shark’s line of that and we have previously had an iRobot Roomba, I think that they were the starters of the robot line. All right, well here’s the landing dock. Which is very interesting. Checkout Shark NV752 Black Friday Deals.

Shark IQ RV1001AE Black Friday

Which is nice actually, because one of the things that I had with the Roomba was that it was a little bit cattywampus because it, Uh oh. Oh, you thought it was a scratcher. Oh, Woo that’s sad. That’s sad it’s not a scratcher. One of the difficult things about the Roomba was that I had it on a hardwood floor with a rug on top. So, it would have to go over that and this is really nice that it will have this one spot. Woo-wee, I am so sorry there’s no place to scratch. Don’t know of Shark thought about that when they were designing this. They weren’t thinking about kitty unboxing videos, Woo-wee. Hi. I’ve mentioned this before in my videos but it’s really important when you’re unboxing something if it’s safe for the cats to be around you know, as long as it’s not going to harm them.



Let them be a part of the process. Let them, don’t try to do it in a hurry, let them be involved if they want to be. So, so far it’s really well packaged, I like that they used cardboard instead of styrofoam ‘cos then I can recycle all of that. Here’s the actual vacuum, there she blows, and then I’m guessing the docking station is below this. Oh, here a couple of extra little sweeper stuff. These are not the official names for this stuff, believe me. So, my cats are pretty petrified of vacuums in general. But, when we had the Roomba, they weren’t as scared of that which was good. So, we’ll see how this goes with the Shark IQ Robot.

I don’t know if you guys have cats or how old they are, but my cats love to rub their pheromones on anything that’s cardboard and angled. So, it looks like they have some boundary strips to avoid obstacles and optimize robot performance with the Bot boundary strips. So, I gonna have to figure out what that’s about. And then these guys, this is the docking station, it’s quite big actually. The docking station that I had for our Roomba was a lot smaller. I ended up getting rid of the Roomba because, again I had too many vacuums and found that my stick vacuum would accomplish what I wanted done more efficiently. So, one of the things when it comes to reviewing products that’s difficult in general, is I wanna keep the product to keep helping when I get inquiries on YouTube or on our website to help people decide what will work for their home. But, ultimately what I end up keeping are the products that work for my home and my situation.


So, I try to product review the best that I can, with scenarios of different people’s, what other people would encounter in their home, what they might need. But, at the end of the day I have to keep in my small house what works for us. So, that’s why I got ride of the Roomba, because it wasn’t really working for us. And that I actually paid for myself, I went to Costco and bought it. So, even products that I buy for myself I don’t always end up liking fully. Woo-wee you just got to too curiosity overcame you and you had to know more. Let’s just take this off. What do you think? What do you think? This is a fun one. All right, Woo-wee. Okay, it says on the top here for best results set up on a hard floor or thin carpet. So, we’ll go ahead and do that. And then I will, I’m gonna let it charge before we even run it. Here’s everything that was in the box, and I am such an imbecile.

Shark IQ RV1001AE Cyber Monday Deals

I was thinking that this was a docking station but this is actually, it removes what the Robot Vacuum picked up. So, it’s basically going to be the place where you empty everything that it sucked up which is awesome. And I just have to figure this out more. I have to do a little bit exploring and then read the quick start guide and all that stuff before we actually start up. (vacuum machine whirring) It started all by itself after I plugged it in and then, oh, it’s okay. Whoa, that’s loud. Whoa, that’s loud. Whoa, what is that? It was offensively rude is what it was Gowee. I think that was basically vacuuming the contents of the vacuum up into the waste area. See if we can’t get this sucker fired up. So, I’m gonna start out with a quick start guide. It says to remove the protective film from the robot base and attach side brushes. And power robot on, and then set up the base.

Shark IQ RV1001AE Cyber Monday

So, I’ve kind of done this a little backwards, only because we’ve done some vacuum reviews and so I’m a little bit used to it. And so the base is already set up, I actually have it on their suggested hard plastic mat. If you’re going to put it on carpet and then I need to install these. Which they look like they just clip in. So, we’ll do that. They do just clip in. So, there’s a square shape and there’s a square shape there. So, you just kind of, clip it in like that. Chiggy already knows what sound this thing makes. I’m interested to see what Charlie will do on this one, because he really hates vacuums.

Why pick Shark IQ RV1001AE on Black Friday?

This one hates vacuums, but this one loathes vacuums. Okay, I’ve done everything else. It says to put the base against a wall. So, I might need to move that. But, we’ll see what it does just sitting here. Because obviously I have this little lip there. And then it talks about optimizing your home for cleaning, and then there’s an app that goes along with this vacuum. So, I’m gonna download that and we’ll talk about that in the final review. So, for now I just wanna fire this sucker up, and have a go.

Final Verdict

I did want to mention that it says to first charge the battery for six hours which I did do. And then there’s a power switch over here, that you turn on. So, Wub are you ready? Wubby? That looks like a camera right there. I wonder if it is. Okay, here we go. Wub. I don’t want to scare him. Okay, here we go. (vacuum machine jingles) (vacuum machine whirring) He’s definitely not scared like he normally is. It doesn’t sound right to me. Let me make sure that. Wub, what is it? It’s okay. All right, I think it was fine. So, I’m just going to go back to clean.

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