Shark Navigator NV360 Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

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Shark Navigator NV360 Black Friday Deals 2021

I want to do just kind of a quick review for you guys on the shark navigator vacuum more specifically the model number and it is env 360 I hadn’t seen too many reviews. So I thought I’d just kind of give you guys my two cents okay based on my experience with it and let you know what I thought about it. Checkout Shark NV752 Black Friday Deals.

I should mention real quick that I actually found a pretty good deal on this vac. If you’re interested in picking one up for yourself so shark kind of started out as like a QVC ish style brand they were kind of like an infomercial you know one of those things but they actually made really good quality stuff and they’ve kind of this was years ago and they kind of have moved on to become one of the more popular vacuum brands out there and I certainly can attest to the quality of this vacuum it’s very very good and I guess Ken.



If you want the short version in this review. I really like it a lot and I highly recommend it especially for the money there’s really no need to go out there and plump down on a Dyson or anything like that this is equally as powerful if not more powerful and just as well-made so what do I like about this thing well first thing and most important is the power it. The vacuum mechanism however you want to call it. Brush the suction the motor everything the plate the part that actually cleans your carpet is unbelievably good. I’m super high suction and vacuums extremely well and that’s really kind of the most important thing when you’re looking for a vacuum the motor is very powerful it has a HEPA filter that’s built into it that wraps all the dust and allergens inside the vacuum so doesn’t go back into the air other things.

Shark Navigator NV360 Cyber Monday

I really like about this too is it’s very lightweight it’s only twelve and a half pounds so it’s very easy to maneuver the canister is very easy to attach and detach and empty and it has a nice swivel on it too so you can kind of swivel it around very simply you just kind of twist the vacuum handle and it’s full as the head magically and it’s just easy to maneuver and get into tight spots it does come with an upholstery tool which is also nice the attachments that come with it are simply easy to use the upholstery tool comes right out of the handle.

Shark Navigator NV360 Cyber Monday

Final Verdict

You basically just push a button it pops out of the tap you attach your upholstery tool and you can do your furniture carpeting of like steps anything very easily the upholstery tool is has a spinning agitator on it as well which is nice it’s hard to find all that at this price point usually going to paint quite a bit more to get all that but that’s kind of the one reason or one of the reasons why I really like the navigator but yeah anyway highly recommend this if you’re looking for a really good quality vacuum at a really good price this is the one to get in my opinion anyway.

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