Shark Apex DuoClean AZ1002 Black Friday Deals 2022

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Shark Apex Duoclean Black Friday Deals 2022

Shark has updated their popular APEX upright vacuum cleaner with some new features. They made the vacuum quieter, added DuoClean technology, and improved its ease of use with the Power Lift-Away feature. They did all this while keeping the powerful motor and excellent suction levels we expect from Shark. The new APEX AZ1002 is a powerful vacuum cleaner with more power than any vacuum I’ve ever used. Shark’s DuoClean technology is similar to a cyclonic air filter. It traps debris but doesn’t clog like a regular filter. It is the same size as a standard filter but holds more debris than that filter would.

Shark Apex DuoClean AZ1002 Black Friday


The power lift away function is effortless to use. Press a button on the back of the machine, and the vacuum automatically changes to handheld mode. The power lift away feature allows for a quick change between the upright and handheld modes. The vac’s sleek design makes it look good, with the compact upright unit with large wheels that roll easily over hard floors. The handle is comfortable to hold and has an easy-to-read display screen. Using the vacuum, you can store tools, accessories, or whatever else you need. The included wand is designed for pet hair, and the tool attachment is designed for small, hard-to-reach areas. Grab a Black Friday Deal on Tineco Pure One S12.


With the clean duo system on this machine, you’re opening up the entire front of the nozzle, decreasing the airflow directed to the floor versus a more traditional single brush roll design. You can choose to believe me or not about the cleaning ability. I wouldn’t use a shark, notably a duo clean on my carpet again. Any perceived advantage of the system on the bare floor doesn’t make up for the lack of performance on the carpet and rugs.


There were foam and fibre filters before the motor, and after a month, those were loaded with more dust than I was comfortable with; it’s most assuredly affecting the performance. At this point, shark recommends washing the filters every three months but based on my usage, I would say monthly at a minimum.

HEPA Cleaners

As you can see from the machine footage, I’ve made no effort to clean it up. At the same time, this machine does have a HEPA filter when you pull apart the sealed system to empty the cup. It automatically negates that as dust tends to get everywhere, I would not recommend this machine for allergy sufferers based on the amount of dust released from the cup and the filters upon breaking the sealed system by removing the cup.

Final Verdict

You’re getting many more machines, so those are my delayed thoughts on the shark apex. I proved that the best from sharks still doesn’t compare to the best from the brands. I prefer that you feel differently, which keeps it calm and respectful.

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