Shark Apex DuoClean AZ1002 Black Friday Deals 2021

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Shark Apex Duoclean Black Friday Deals 2021

He sharks apex powered lift away I need a powered lift away the power lift away means that this wand separates from the canister and you can vacuum underneath couches. So about a year ago, I purchased this shark apex duo clean with 0m technology. The 0m works since, at the time, it was brand new to the market, and the shark was putting a great deal of advertising behind it.

shark apex duoclean black friday


You can break it down into two design changes: the first is a rubber strip built into the brush roll to keep hair from wrapping too tightly. The second piece is a comb that then brushes the hair off of the brush roll. Does it work? Sort of, I’ll explain. I tested it and then completely lost interest because it didn’t excite me in any way after a year. I decided to finally do this synopsis since I wanted to get it out of the shop. The good news is the 0m keeps hair from wrapping on the brush roll.

shark apex duoclean az1002 black friday

When using the apex, I felt it didn’t have the pickup on carpeted areas like my usual Miele sibo combo. The grooming wasn’t as aggressive, and it just didn’t look fresh. When I was done on the bare floor, it did fine. After the month was over, my suspicions were confirmed. I had filled three-quarters of a Miele fjm bag, a 3.5-liter one, versus my usual full gn bag, a 4.5-liter one.


With the clean duo system on this machine, you’re opening up the whole front of the nozzle, which will decrease the amount of airflow directed to the floor versus a more traditional single brush roll design. You can choose to believe me or not about the cleaning ability. All I know is that I wouldn’t use a shark, notably a duo clean on my carpet again. Any perceived advantage of the system on the bare floor doesn’t make up for the lack of performance on carpet and rugs.

shark apex duoclean black friday deals


There are foam and fiber filters before the motor, and after a month, those were loaded with more dust than I was comfortable with; it’s most assuredly affecting the performance. At this point, shark recommends washing the filters every three months but based on my usage, I would say monthly at a minimum.

HEPA Cleaners

As you can see from the footage of the machine, I’ve made no effort to clean it up. At the same time, this machine does have a HEPA filter when you pull apart the sealed system to empty the cup. It automatically negates that as dust tends to get everywhere, I would not recommend this machine for allergy sufferers based on the amount of dust released from the cup and the filters upon breaking the sealed system by removing the cup.

Final Verdict

You’re getting a lot more machines, so those are my delayed thoughts on the shark apex. I proved that the best from sharks still doesn’t compare to the best from the brands. I prefer you may feel differently, and that keeps it calm and respectful.

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