Shark Apex Duoclean Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Shark Apex Duoclean Black Friday Deals 2021

He sharks apex powered lift away I need a powered lift away the power lift away means that this wand separates from the canister and you can vacuum underneath couches.

shark apex duoclean black friday


I’ll show you because you know with three boys you need to vacuum under everything mm-hmm so we’re gonna unbox it if you’re looking for something or whatever it’s like just take the thing out of the box we don’t need an explanation of here’s the lot no just unbox it take it out of the plastic let’s get to it right so far I like it better than my other one I did have a shark I have to fix that tree that’s why it’s there ignore it again white west’s ordinary real life folks that’s why you love us.


I got to get some scissors to insure the brush roll reactivation lid must be completely closed press each side firmly until it clicks into place okay I am not a professional unboxer excuse me wise man longer cardboard I’ll play with that all day long [music] we don’t have plastic all we had devils I do have to put my foot down there I don’t allow the plastic then we had kids and he’s like take the plastic off. Check out Dyson Ball Animal 2 Black Friday Deals.


I should have kept it on all right here’s the canister oh gosh what was that break something remove before use I gotta read everything right okay press for powered lift away yes kind of like the old one so oh so okay well better be in there first yeah so put it on me hmm don’t be breaking things so like so on and such as well but give me a moment there we go so for building an r2d2 what’s that right accessory okay so those are all the attachments this is a sharp apex duo clean I think the brush cleans itself or something.

I read somewhere at some point baseboards and trim corners to little homers okay to multi-tool yeah all right what is this motorized tool and a sleeping kid in the room you’re gonna vacuum he’s been sleeping all day and waking up all day clean so it cleans hardwood and carpet that’s what I like about it see the rotation you get on the turns that is awesome ready yeah we got a fancy headlight sucking up dirt already and sediment the ranking of the lift part it sucks which is good the only thing the only appliance you want to suck is your vacuum if we did my other one was my handle printer there is a setting here which was on my old vacuum.


All the way down is floor this is for like low carpet this is for high carpet it was wrong this is a really heavy shag yeah area rug so I’m not worried ok so we moved into the bedroom because the carpet is not shaggy normal house carpet right so that shag carpet I think is a little too much I mean I can get it vacuumed but it’s just an area rug so I need these carpets in the bedrooms you know you go under that thing and they’re going up high that’s a bad example that’s too low.

shark apex duoclean black friday deals

Why pick Shark Apex Duoclean on Black Friday?

If you want to empty your canister dust cup release twist that off you take this off you push this button here let’s go to that let’s just go to that you just press this comes out you can shake it out what I like about this is you can totally clean this whole thing you can run it in your sink the bathtub however you want to clean it this can totally be cleaned also you can wash the filter I’ll show you that this is your filter.

This comes out of here lift it out you can take this off you can totally wash clean sterilize this thing if you want you can totally it’s almost like a sponge you can totally wash this I have washed mine a bunch because this will get dirty you know because it’s like a roll of toilet paper yeah this can be washed your just careful when you wash it but you can soak it in a sink you can wash them they will be nothing you’d have to let them dry for I usually let them dry for 24 hours to make sure there’s absolutely no moisture so that when you stick it back in.

Final Verdict

The vacuum cleaner obviously there’s no moisture just a pull tab on there so it’s just a pull tab you put it back in there this like this like that back in awesome and you’re back in business I also I clean the church and I don’t like their vacuum large forgiving I mean anyway it’s an older vacuum but I like to vacuum underneath the pews so I bring my own vacuum to church when I clean because I can take this off and then this obviously like we showed you it lays flat and I can get totally underneath all the pews in the church carpet.

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