Sennheiser HD600, HD650 & HD660S Black Friday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Sennheiser HD 650 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Sennheiser HD600, HD650 & HD660S Headphone Cyber Monday and Amazon Prime Day new sales and discounts.

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Sennheiser HD650 Headphone Black Friday Deals 2021

The Sennheiser HD 650s claim to be “an audiophile’s dream” – but are they worth the price? To make it easier on the less-patient among you: Yes, they sound freaking incredible. They don’t have the most comprehensive sound stage globally, but I would confidently say that these are the best-sounding headphones that I’ve ever tried.

Sennheiser HD 650 Black Friday


These headphones pack a severe punch in the mid and low-end with the right EQ, reproduce high-end sounds without becoming too painful like the HiFiMan HE300s I’ve been using recently, and provide excellent instrument separation in my music tests. The HD 650 features open-back cans, a 10-41,000 kHz frequency response, and hand-picked and tested components to ensure no lousy set leaves the factory.

Whether it’s Rock, Metal, Electronic, or K-Pop, these headphones spoiled me for music listening, and I will certainly miss them. Channel separation is great for TV shows and movies, and vocal ranges are handled well when watching YouTube videos, too. Gaming is where I have a problem with them, though, and I found myself returning to my newly-repaired AKG K7xx cans, thanks to a friend. The sound stage is not as open as the AKGs.


I would probably not notice, but there is another significant tradeoff for long gaming sessions. The Physical form factor. These cans feature a solid-band style and a LOT of clamping force. I prefer loose-hanging, suspension band style headphones, in part because I have a more massive head. The HD 650s feature excellent, firm padding on each ear which prevent my ears from touching the inside but puts a LOT of pressure on the sides of my head.

sennheiser hd660s black friday

They’re heavy, much more so than most headphones I’ve used, so this helps make sure they always stay up, but they just flat-out hurt after even just half an hour of use. The rectangular shape of the drivers means they’re putting pressure right around my jaw and cheeks ends up making my face very sore in very uncomfortable ways.


If you have a smaller head or don’t mind clamping pressure, they may work for you. I get tired of them quickly. And it’s not like I just used them for a week and am complaining – I’ve worn them for months now (sorry, Sennheiser!), and they still haven’t “broken in” anymore over this time. Also, I’m not too fond of it when the headphone cable goes into both sides.

I know it’s necessary to drive these, but always annoying. The cable is detachable and replaceable, however, so that’s a big plus. But overall, these are fabulous headphones. It’s worth mentioning that these are targeted for severe audiophiles only in case the price tag didn’t make that clear enough. Also, they have an impedance of 300 ohms. My Sennheiser contact wanted to make sure I had amps powerful sufficient to drive these before sending them over.

Sennheiser HD650 Black Friday Deals

Why pick Sennheiser HD 650 on Black Friday?

Yes, I saw the comments on my 600 Ohm Beyerdynamic review, and I know that the headphones being high-impedance does not mean you need high-end gear to hear out of them. But to provide enough power to get a loud and quality sound out of them – yes, you do. Your phone won’t sound anywhere near as good through these as my mixer does.

All-in-all these are some fantastic headphones. If you’re looking to throw half a grand at a music-listening experience, the HD 650 would be a place to start if you can handle clamping pressure. I hope you enjoyed this review. If you did, smash the like button, get subscribed, and consider contributing to Patreon to keep this little tech reviewing adventure going.

Final Verdict

These will need an amp; it does bring out the warmth a little more and then moving on up into the treble. They just nailed it with that; it’s pretty stellar. When you get into trouble, everything is only vibrant and smooth. The mids blend perfectly into it, never fatiguing and just an incredible sound you’ll hear the strings. I was listening to come away with me by Norah Jones, and you can listen to the series being plucked on the guitar.

Just touching them like everything is so delicate none of it is piercing or bright at all it’s just beautiful sounding, so now getting into the sound stage, which is what these things are known for being just incredible at they have a long ear pad on them or only a driver. It’s interesting because they also, for that very reason they have one of the taller sound stages.

I’ve ever heard, so you’ll listen to instruments way up here and then and also far down, so that’s interesting with the placement of that. Then as far as the actual sound stage itself, listening to artists like Henry James with his band, I think foot-stomping was one of the songs that I chose to do this with, and you can hear a piano like I don’t know it feels like it’s 10 15 feet away from you in the back and then you’ll listen to the cymbals come on. You can place all the planes all these instruments; the imaging is just as beautiful as you.

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