Sennheiser HD600, HD650 & HD660S Black Friday Deals 2023

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Are you looking for Sennheiser HD 650 Black Friday Deals 2023? This article will give you a complete guide for Sennheiser HD600, HD650 & HD660S Headphones on Cyber Monday new sales and discounts.

Sennheiser HD650 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2023

The Sennheiser HD 650 headphones claim to deliver an exceptional audio experience, but are they worth the price? In my experience, these headphones sound incredible and are the best I’ve ever tried. Let’s delve into their features, design, and performance to determine their true value.

Sennheiser HD 650 Black Friday


  • Impressive Sound Quality: The HD 650 headphones deliver a powerful mid and low-end performance, especially when paired with the right EQ settings. Unlike the HiFiMan HE300s, which can become overwhelming, the HD 650s reproduce high-end sounds without causing discomfort. Additionally, these headphones excel in instrument separation during music tests.
  • Open-Back Design: The HD 650 features open-back cans, which contribute to its unique sound signature. While they may not provide the most comprehensive sound stage, they still deliver an immersive listening experience.
  • Wide Frequency Response: With a frequency response ranging from 10 to 41,000 kHz, the HD 650s capture a broad range of audio frequencies, ensuring a detailed and nuanced listening experience.
  • Hand-Picked and Tested Components: Sennheiser ensures that each pair of HD 650 headphones undergoes careful selection and testing of components, guaranteeing a high-quality audio reproduction.


While the HD 650s have many positive qualities, they do come with some drawbacks, particularly for long gaming sessions. The physical form factor, featuring a solid-band style and significant clamping force, may not be suitable for everyone. Personally, I prefer headphones with a loose-hanging, suspension band-style design due to having a larger head. The HD 650s offer excellent padding on each ear, preventing discomfort from ear contact, but exert significant pressure on the sides of the head. Get a black friday deal on Sennheiser HD 599 SE.


The HD 650 headphones excel across various music genres, including Rock, Metal, Electronic, and K-Pop. They elevate the music-listening experience, spoiling the listener with their remarkable audio reproduction. These headphones offer excellent channel separation for TV shows and movies, while also handling vocal ranges effectively for YouTube videos. However, when it comes to gaming, they may fall short, and I personally found myself returning to my AKG K7xx headphones, thanks to a friend’s recommendation.

sennheiser hd660s black friday

Furthermore, these headphones are notably heavier than most I have used. While the added weight ensures they stay in place, it can become uncomfortable after only half an hour of use. The rectangular shape of the drivers exerts pressure around the jaw and cheeks, leading to soreness and discomfort.

Final Verdict:

To truly appreciate the HD 650 headphones, an amplifier is necessary. It enhances the warmth of the sound and elevates the treble performance, resulting in a stellar listening experience. The audio quality is vibrant and smooth, with well-blended mids that never fatigue the listener. Listening to tracks like “Come Away With Me” by Norah Jones showcases the delicate, non-piercing, and beautiful sound signature of these headphones. Additionally, the HD 650s are renowned for their exceptional sound stage, thanks to the long ear pad design and dedicated drivers.

Just touching them like everything is so delicate; none of it is piercing or bright at all. It’s just beautiful sounding, so now getting into the sound stage, which is what these things are known for being incredible at; they have a long ear pad on them or only a driver. It’s interesting because they also, for that very reason, have one of the taller sound stages.

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