Samsung Q70T Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Samsung Q70T Black Friday Deals 2020? This article will give you a complete guide for Samsung Q70T cyber Monday new sales and discounts.

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Samsung Q70T Black Friday Deals 2021

The Samsung q7 tt series the 65 inches but we also carry it in 55 75 82 and 85 inches the q7 tt has a similar look to all the others in the q led lineup this year with an extremely thin bezel that comes in a black finish and just like models all below it a two-footed pedestal.

The feet on the 65 inch here are forty-four and a half inches apart but that’ll change based on the screen size for inputs this one has 4 HDMI with number 4 having some features designed to improve gaming like auto low latency mode variable refresh rate support and 4k at 120 frames per second there’s also two usbs an ethernet jack antenna input rs-232 c and an optical audio output to go along with bluetooth and wi-fi for your wireless connections.

Samsung Q70T Black Friday


The sound system in the 70 t is the same one that we’ve seen in most of the models below it’s two speakers with 20 watts of power but this is the first tv in samsung’s lineup this year to get adaptive sound plus it uses the far-field microphone built into the remote to optimize the speakers to work best in the room where you have the tv installed plus you get adaptive voice enhancer to help with dialogue which is generally a weak point with any tv speakers as far as other features go you get a bunch with the 70 it can work hands-free with bixby or alexa right out of the box it’ll work with google.


A separate google assistant device another cool feature that comes with the 70 as well as most of samsung’s other smart tvs this here is tv plus samsung also added a dedicated tv plus button to the smart remote this year 2 tv plus gives you tons of free content to watch as long as you have good internet connection it’s great for cord cutters and doesn’t require you to sign up or sign into anything the 70 is also the first tv in the 2020 lineup to get ambient mode plus this lets you use your tv kind of like a picture frame you can display works of art pictures or any number of different built-in backgrounds you also have the option to display things like the time weather and other types of news info then there’s the picture.


This is an edge lit native 120 hertz panel with micro dimming it offers deep blacks and with this being a cue led you also get really rich colors we weren’t seeing much of any flash lighting in the corners and great uniformity was good to the picture engine samsung uses in this one is the quantum processor 4k which gives you things like adaptive upscaling which takes lower resolution content and makes it look better and adaptive picture which adjusts picture brightness and color in real time to give you the best possible image based on your room’s lighting.

Samsung Q70T Black Friday Deals

Why pick Samsung Q70T on Black Friday?

I didn’t notice a dramatic difference when we turned the lights on and off but I actually think that’s a good thing on other tvs with light detection that tends to be a really harsh transition when the lighting changes this was very subtle so it wasn’t distracting at all it doesn’t show up that one on camera though so it might be hard to see in the video ewing angles were okay it uses samsung’s wide viewing angle technology to help out with that they’re still not as good as an oled obviously but up to about 30 degrees off center.

Final Verdict

You’ll still get a very decent picture then there’s the motion which I thought looked great very natural on standard content and excellent with games having that variable refresh rate compatibility helps a lot as long as you have the right system for it now I know this isn’t the same tv as the q70 r we saw last year without that full array back lighting it loses the ability to locally dim the picture but I thought this picture looked good despite that plus this comes in at a much lower price point than that q70 r did so with great gaming features a very respectable picture and a great cord cutting feature in tv plus.

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