Samsung LS9T & LSP7T Black Friday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Samsung Premiere Projector Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Samsung LSP7TFAXZA & LSP9TFAXZA Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

Samsung LS9T

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Samsung LS9T & LSP7T Black Friday Deals 2021

Today, we will show you the brand new Samsung LSP 90 triple laser ultra-short throw projector coupled with the even more unique Sony PlayStation 5. We’re going to check out the new spiderman game miles morales edition on this giant 120-inch grand view dynamic screen in our room with a crazy amount of lights.

Samsung LS9T Black Friday

Spiderman on Samsung LSP9TFAXZA

This projector has built-in drop the input lag to about 58 milliseconds, which may be a little bit too laggy for those into competitive first-person shooters, but we’re going to see how this works in a third-person action game such as spiderman.


So the first thing to point out with this particular projector and the triple laser is that the colors are extremely vibrant. I want to point out this will look a little bit blue to you guys on the computer has everything to do with how we have the white balance set and the type of lighting in the room. Also, check Epson 5050UB Black Friday Deals.

Zero Lag

The little bit of the blue hue, but consider the vibrancy of the other colors and the deep dark black levels as well. I’m here, so you can see that I’m donning the black miles morales suit here for all you spiderman fans. It will show you really what this projector is capable of when it comes to reproducing black.

Samsung lsp7t Black Friday

While still having the bright whites and the ultra-vibrant colors that I mentioned earlier, where are all these other suckers who want to take me down?

Spiderman doesn’t play super responsive with these buttons. On here, even though we’re at 58 milliseconds, I noticed zero lag. We’re also using the onboard speakers of this projector right now, which is phenomenal for an ultra-short throw built-in soundbar.

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