Samsung Galaxy A51 Boxing Day Sales 2022

Are you looking for Samsung Galaxy A51 Boxing Day 2022? This article will give you a complete guide for Samsung Galaxy A51 Boxing Day’s new sales and discounts.

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Samsung Galaxy A51 Boxing Day Sales 2022

A-series products in Samsung began to spring up. Products include Galaxy A5, A7, and so on, which was called the highest price for this series of mobile phones at that time.

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Today, we’ll look at the A51. It has a 5-inch 1080p screen, It’s four cheaper than the Galaxy A7, but it uses a Snapdragon 620 processor, which is one generation older. The SoC does not have an octa-core configuration, so its performance will also be limited. But in terms of appearance, Samsung does not compromise.


It’s quite different from the metal aluminum alloy case, with a 2.5D arc glass process, which looks very beautiful. The back is made of plastic, but it has a gentle touch. However, the advantage of using metal and other materials is to make better heat dissipation.


If you keep your phone in summer for half an hour, the temperature will reach 43 degrees Celsius, while many mobile phones can easily reach the mid-40s with only 30 minutes. The problem of overheating is not uncommon in Samsung products, but this phone is one of the hottest phones.


If you want to play games or watch movies, you can choose to turn off Wi-Fi and Mobile Data, which will help save battery power when playing games like Asphalt 8, which is very popular in the era of smartphones.


The Tizen 3.0 OS is close to iOS in terms of user experience (UX). The icons are flat and lack gloss. And if you want to get rid of the Samsung phone’s logo, there’s no way but to unlock it. You can also change the theme by downloading themes. The camera is the biggest highlight of this phone, but it has nothing to do with smartphones.

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