Samsung CRG9 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2020

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Are you looking for Samsung CRG9 Black Friday Deals 2020? This article will give you a complete guide for Samsung CRG9 cyber Monday new sales and discounts.

Samsung CRG9 Curved Monitor Black Friday Deals 2020

The samsung cr g9 the most striking monitor I think I’ve ever drawn eyes on is packin a display that’s not only super sharp but bright and vivid too with support for proper hdr 1000 and as smooth as butter thanks to its 120 hertz refresh rates but should you actually put one on your desk. Check out Asus VP249QGR Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Samsung CRG9 Monitor Black Friday


That’s a more difficult question and one we’ll be answering after a very short word from our sponsor corsair and the k95 platinum xt if you’re after an uncompromised keyboard for gaming then look no further as with fully mechanical blue and speed switches double shot pb t keycaps an irresistible iq enabled rgb lighting the k 95 platinum not only looks gorgeous but lets you play your best game for years to come you can even use the programmable macro keys with algar toes awesome stream deck software from the fly stream controls and computer shortcuts.


The links down below now I’m going to cut straight to the chase here the cr g9 is an incredible bit of kit and if you’re the right sort of gamer then this really could be worth every penny but if you’re not it might actually prove a little bit of a hindrance for you and to really understand why you have to look at just how huge this thing is for context this desk here is just under 2 metres wide it’s custom made 192 centimeters to be exact and just look how much space it takes up it is absolutely gianormous granted I do have two very big speakers and a pc on the desk as well but the point is that you’re gonna need something very tailor-made shall we say to actually accommodate such a large display.


The reason for this heft is then it actually replicates to 27-inch monitors set directly next to each other with the benefit of only needing one power cord no ugly bezels between them and being able to actually center your content without twisting your body on your chair something that no one’s really gonna tell you about but if you’ve ever used dual monitors you know exactly what I mean and a monitor like this really can make the world of difference long-term now as far as specifications are concerned this pretty much has all of them right it’s got a resolution of 5 1 20 by 1440 so it’s like having two quad hd monitors you’ve got 120 hertz refresh rate amd freesync 2 with hdr.

Samsung CRG9 Monitor Black Friday Deals

Why pick Samsung CRG9 on Black Friday?

You do have hdr 1000 so this thing is fully kitted else this certainly is the dream specification for many when other than a couple of floors here and there there’s not really any hidden nasties underneath and all does work as intended when paired with an rt x 20 att I are we zooming through apex legends like nobody’s business and I’m pleased to report a victory in less than 24 hours really not too shabby at all the 32 by 9 aspect ratio is just crazy a little intimidating at first to be honest with sheer monitor panel just shoved right in your face but as there’s a smooth curve and then a subtle field of view distortion this thing is actually surprisingly comfortable after the initial shock of a system.

Final Verdict

I do however say that this wouldn’t be my monster of choice for fast paced fps titles as while its immersive you do get a small amount of motion sickness nothing serious and it does get a lot better over time as you get used to it but it’s enough that I wouldn’t want to sit and play this for hours on end and there’s also another bit of a floor unfortunately with the fact that this uses a va panel doesn’t mean that you get fantastic contrast the colors are great but it does introduce a little bit more motion blur than I’d like it’s certainly not bad per se it’s actually a huge step up over some the other old white va s have tested but it’s enough to give a degree of blur to fast paced games like apex legends whenever you’re moving around or scrolling at speed in fairness.

I have just come from using a true one-millisecond ips panel from viewsonic and it’s not nearly enough to actually stop me recommending this to anyone but a 240 hertz tn or a 1 millisecond high refresh rate ips display is going to be more suitable for those of you that exclusively play fps games like apex or call of duty oh and while you can actually improve the blur with a higher overdrive setting this option where they gets disabled when you’re using amd freesync which is a real bummer perhaps the biggest problem with this.

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