Samsung CJ791 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Samsung CJ791 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Samsung CJ791 cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

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Samsung CJ791 Black Friday Deals 2021

I wanted to dive into a little more of that review of the Samsung CF791. I love monitors. When it comes to monitors, picking the right display, for me, is very important because it’s in front of you all freaking day! Whether you’re gaming, whether you’re doing productivity work, whether you’re editing professionally, or even as a hobbyist. Listen – you need a really good display. Why? Because, heck, why not invest in a good display? You’re looking at it all freaking day!

So this is one of the reasons why I love reviewing monitors because I’m looking for the best one to look at and have fun with and not worry about, you know, any input lag or the refresh rate being too low or any screen taring when I’m playing games or is the color right when I’m editing. So these are things I really look for in a monitor. So when I looked at the Samsung CF791 with the Quantum Dot display, I already knew I loved curved monitors coming from the LG 88-B, I was like okay, well this one has a 1500R curvature. Check out LG 38WK95C W Black Friday Deals.

Samsung CJ791 Black Friday

I was like okay, well let’s try this out and see how it is, again, for editing and especially gaming. Especially since this monitor is rated as a gaming monitor. So let me stop gibber jabbering and let’s get into the specs! Its a 34″ viewable diagonal size that comes in a 3440 by 1440 matte display. I hardly get any reflection on this monitor. It has an aspect ratio of 21:9. Now, the reason why this is relevant is that if you love watching movies at a 21:9 ratio you get the full movie experience with that aspect ratio. It has a 4 millisecond response time. The native contrast ratio is 3000 by 1.


The stand is tilt-adjustable, but not swivel. Okay, so the built-in speakers on this, I feel, are very, very good. Way better than an Asus PG348Q game monitor and any monitor that I’ve owned previously, including the LG widescreen monitors and any previous Samsung monitors. So when you look at the back of this monitor its made out of plastic. However, they did a really good job making the design look amazing. Even though it’s plastic, don’t let that fool you with the design. Now remember, when they make the monitor out of plastic in the back, that means its a lot lighter. So if you’re putting this thing on a freedom arm or any adjustable mounting arm, it’s going to feel a lot lighter when you move it around, and that’s another thing too, this baby came pre-assembled, so the setup was there was no setup! Cause it was that easy, I just pulled it out of the box, and there it was, it was already assembled.


I’ve never came across any monitor like that. So connectivity – it has two HDMI’s, one display port, audio input and a headphone jack, as well as a USB 3.0 connective hub. So the SRBG is actually rated at a 125% – thats insane! Now, with the quantum dot giving you a brighter backlight, I do have to say that the colors were a bit over saturated, now, of course, if you have a Spyder5 or some kind of color calibration system, then you can always bring that down and give you accurate colors depending on your room lights. So for all my fellow video editors out there and photographers and you want to use this as a monitor for editing, listen, use the basic color scheme located in the menu system. This gives you accurate colors at 100% RGB. The basic color mode was on point with my Spyder5 when I calibrated it, so great job Samsung!

Samsung CJ791 cyber monday


It does have a Samsung magic upscale for those of you who like that and it does have this flicker-free technologhy. For those of you who do have an AMG graphic card, this does support your free sync. So for you video editors out there and your photographers, the color gamma is at 83% and that’s right I think at the NTSC1976. So the stand is a little different when you want to wall mount this thing. It comes with an adapter that you put on and I think its an HAS adapter. When you put it on it gives you your visa mounts, so anybody who wants to mount this thing on the wall or even a monitor arm stand worry free, there you have it.

Why pick Samsung CJ791 on Black Friday?

The immersive viewing with 1500R curvature, I mean the 34″ ultrawide curved monitor gives you an immersive widescreen anyways, but it’s nothing like when you go a little wider and a little curvier and that’s what this monitor gives you; so that way you can just emerge in your gaming or even the movies that you watch. With a 21:9 ultra-widescreen you can experience truly seamless multi-tasking on a single computer. It also comes with a Samsung picture in the picture. I hardly use that because maybe I should because I use a Mac and PC and sometimes I go back and forth, but I just like having a dedicated monitor for my Mac and then using this as a multi-task within my one PC, so the picture in picture is something I don’t use, but its out there for anybody who wants to use it.

So what is a Quantum Dot anyways? The Quantum Dot is basically this – you get a brighter background with less energy consumption. So basically what that means is that you’re going to get a monitor with really good accurate colors, with less color calibration, but you guys got to be careful. This monitor does give you color saturation that’s a little oversaturated, but again, just dial it down a notch and you guys will be all set. This panel is a VA panel, not an IPS panel. The Va panel technology minimizes light leaks across the entire screen, right up to the corners, and delivers the best class 3000:1 contrast ratio for deep blacks.

Final Verdict

I had to bring the gamma down to bring up those deep blacks, but they were there. So Samsung did a good job making this screen look embezzle-less, I mean, the bezzle is very thin and even having the Samsung logo on the bottom didn’t even bother me one bit. Again, I’m not a fan of the base for this monitor, but if I was to keep it I would put it on an adjustable arm anyways. So at 100FPS, I love gaming with this because its just so smooth; even with desktop applications and using it for video editing. Having that 100 hertz refresh rate is just for me, it’s just smooth. Especially when you want to pinpoint to a certain spot in the timeline.

I mean it’s just all there and it’s all good. There was a couple games I played; one was Grand Theft Auto V, and again, I put it on ultra and then also put it on very high, I got more FPS of course when I used very high settings, but I was very happy with the way it looked and the way it moved, comparing that to my 60 hertz LG monitor as well as my Samsung 6290 TV, it felt a little more fluid. Now, for anybody out there who is not really picking at the smoothness or the FPS, maybe you’re just worried about if its flicker free or how about the screen taring. There was slight screen taring in Watch Dogs 2 when I was playing it, but nothing that was just overwhelming, like, I don’t know, just terrible. It didn’t take away from my gaming experience when I was playing it. And Witcher 3, I didn’t see any issue.

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