Samsung CH890 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Samsung Business CH890 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Samsung CH890 Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

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Samsung CH890 Black Friday Deals 2021

We’re going to look at the Samsung 34 inch curved widescreen monitor. I had this thing mounted and went through the unboxing and the overall summary of this screen. So HDMI cable, a USB C cable, and a power cable, as well as your manual safety instructions and all the warranty stuff. Get a Samsung C32HG70 Black Friday Deal.

We are going to get this thing mounted on the wall anyway. We’ll call this onto the monitor stand one side of it this is like a back panel and then the other part the bottom of the stand right there good steady monitor stand clicks into place and then we’re just going to screw the bases the essential part.

Samsung CH890 Black Friday


There is a screen very slick looking thoroughly silver edging, and it’s got this beautiful curve. The screen does have a bit of weight to it. You’ve got the big cavity there to attach a monitor arm, or don’t touch your monitor stand on the far right here.


We’ve got a headphone jack as well as a USB port on the very far left. You’ve also got power on a button, and it navigates up and down left and right to navigate through the menu. The other nice thing about this is that the actual cavity itself is flat. You don’t need a unique mount. If you want to attach it to a monitor arm or attach it to the wall with many curved screens, the whole thing is curt, so you have to buy a specific amount and a specific component.

We’ve got an HDMI & display port, a USB C, and then just a couple of standard USB ports along with a USB and the headphone jack that we talked about earlier. So if the screen is on the stand, it doesn’t maneuver up and down quite quickly, which is nice. We’ve got it hooked up, and I’ve got to say the quality is pretty incredible. It is a little bit different.


If you’re using a standard flat-screen monitor, this being curved does feel like a little bit more inside the screen, but that is quite cool. The resolution on this thing is incredible. So at the moment, this is 34 widescreen the resolution is at 3440 by 1440, which is 21 to 9. So your standard widescreen is 16 to 9 this is 21 to 9 because it is nice and wide I’m going to be using this for several different reasons.


I’m going to be using this obviously for personal use like photos/video editing, checking stuff, and gaming. I’m also going to be using it for work, but it is very different from a flat-screen. So widescreen is quite different, even if you’re used to using two flat-screen monitors right next to each other and slightly curved inward, which is what I’m generally using.

Samsung CH890 Cyber Monday

Final Verdict

The mount fits perfectly, and it’s just straightforward to move this way maneuver forward and back left and right on this monitor, which is fantastic. But either way, that is the review of my new 34 inch Samsung monitor. The widescreen curved screen is excellent, and as I said, it’s been a couple of days and using it now, it’s fantastic. I honestly don’t know if how I’m going to go back to a standard flat screen.

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