Ring Doorbell 2 Boxing Day Sales 2021

Are you looking for a Ring doorbell for Boxing Day 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for ring doorbell 2 Boxing Day’s new sales and discounts.

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Ring Video Doorbell
Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2
Ring Video Doorbell 3
Ring Video Doorbell 4

Ring doorbell 1&2 Boxing Day Sales 2021

 Ring doorbell 3 to share with you. We’re going to unbox this, and we will install it and activate it on the ring app. Now I have a floodlight right now with the ring. It is great we have the alarm system in our house with a ring. It is also great, so we wanted up our game and got one of the doorbells to see how that would work, so this works out perfectly. This is the battery-operated one. It is not required to be wired to your home, so we want this route because we’re not sure how we will like this.

ring doorbell boxing day


First, we’ve got our ring doorbell. Now this is heavy, so inside here we’ve already got I’ve already got the battery now myself like I said, we’re looking at just using this we don’t have a ton of traffic at our door, so we’re just going to try this battery-operated one you can purchase extra batteries and extra chargers from ring these do only take I think five to six hours to recharge so you know this should mean this should be fine for us. Still, everything is completely wrapped, and the battery is inside, so we’re going to get back to this. All right, you’ve got your USB charger for your battery, just like our floodlight. It came with our floodlight came with a screwdriver.


We have two screws here and here and here to attach directly to the house. Perfect all right now, guys. I’m going to take this outside, and we’re going to start moving from there all right, guys, after doing some light reading. I want to fill in a couple of details now. You will want to make sure that you charge this battery, so I have changed this for about six hours, which should have a full charge.

Scan Barcode

Now here we go, so we’re going to ring, okay so we’re going to go devices we’re going to add a doorbell, okay scan the barcode, okay we’re going to insert the battery, okay your ring device is in setup mode, okay the light is spinning, so all right, so we’re going to let this update, and I am going to jump back in with you once this updating is finished all right guys, so I’m all set, so we’re going to take this downstairs, and we’re going to mount this to the house it’s cold outside it is it’s totally cold outside all right guys so right here.


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