Ring Alarm 14-Piece Security System Black Friday Deals 2022

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Ring 14-Piece Security System Black Friday Deals 2022

Are you looking for a quality home security system that is easy to use and doesn’t break the bank? Look no further than the Ring Alarm 14-Piece Kit. This top-rated home security system comes with everything you need to keep your home and family safe, including a keypad, motion detector, contact sensor, and more. Plus, the Ring Video Doorbell Elite Black Friday is priced well for limited time of days.

Ring 14-Piece Security System Black Friday


  • The kit includes a base station, keypad, contact sensor, motion detector, and range extender.
  • The base station connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network and also to your smartphone or tablet.
  • You can arm and disarm the Ring Alarm system from your keypad or from your smartphone or tablet.
  • The contact sensor can be attached to a door or window, and will send an alarm signal if the door or window is opened.
  • The motion detector can be placed in any room, and will send an alarm signal if it detects movement.
  • The range extender can be used to extend the range of the contact sensor and the motion detector.
  • The Ring Alarm system is easy to set up and use.


The base station is the heart of the system. It’s the central hub that communicates with all of the other devices in the system. The keypad is used to arm and disarm the system, and it also provides information about the status of the system. The contact sensors are placed on doors and windows, and they signal when they’re opened. The motion detectors detect movement in the area, and the range extender extends the range of the system.


Quality are top priorities for Ring, which is why we designed our alarm kit to be both reliable and easy-to-use. The included motion detector and contact sensor help keep your home safe by monitoring movement and door/window activity, while the siren provides a loud warning if an intruder is detected. Plus, with our customizable settings, you can create a security plan that’s perfect for your needs.

Final Words

Overall, we highly recommend the Ring Alarm Security System for anyone looking for an affordable home security solution.

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