Razer Blade 15 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Razer Blade 15 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Razer Blade 15 Cyber Monday new sales and discounts.

Razer Blade 15 Black Friday Deals 2021

The Blade 15 Advanced from Razer this laptop I just wanted to share my thoughts uh some of the issues that I had with the 15 Advanced or only Blade notebooks in general in the past and then.
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How Razer has addressed some of them throughout, say a year or so so let’s talk about that right after this say hello to proper airflow with be quiet, pure base 500dx. A compact mid-tower with a mesh front panel and three 140 millimeter pure wings two fans that are silent and capable enjoy tasteful argp illumination a type-c port and an easy case to work in check. It out below okay so I think it’s essential for me to set the stage for you.


What I’ve been using for the past ten years or so my very first laptop was a hp g60 when I first moved to Canada about ten years ago I needed a computer to get through high school and so after researching and researching my mom. I went to fuji shop which was an electronic store here in Canada back then, but now it’s owned by best buy we finally pulled the trigger on it, and I enjoyed using that laptop it wasn’t a gaming powerhouse, but it was able to get me through high school. Check out Lenovo Yoga 920 Black Friday Deals.


Just beautiful and then I upgraded to the XPS 15 l 502 x it was a legendary machine that came with a quad-core processor and a discrete graphics card I remember editing my very first short film on that machine. I made a few upgrades as well on the inside fast forward a few years later, and I started working for hardware canucks. I was just introduced to this whole new realm of the pc master ways where I got to build desktop pcs I made my very first desktop pc on the channel, and I just started using desktops moving or ever since then only because of the raw horsepower.



A laptop so that was fascinating, but then I had to go to shows like CES and copy text. Hence, I ended up using a Eurocom laptop; it was it’s a Canadian brand but it had the specs to back up the workflow that i used to do. Still, it wasn’t the best laptop it didn’t have the highest build quality, and it just felt cheap, but it had the power, and it got the job done, and then I switched over to my very first mac that’s right I bought myself a 13-inch MacBook pro uh one of those models that had ports like actual ports and I loved it.

Razer Blade 15 Black Friday Deals

Why pick Razer Blade 15 on Black Friday?

The display was great the trackpad was fantastic the keyboard was excellent the keyboard worked I took it to shows with me. Unfortunately, it didn’t have the performance that I needed to because it was a 13-inch MacBook pro didn’t come with a discreet graphics card. So i was using premiere at the time. It wasn’t optimized for that laptop so i had to sacrifice on rendering times and all that stuff but the battery life the portability that was the best part about that machine and then Razer hooked us up with one of their first blade gaming laptops remember the one that came with a 14-inch display.

Final Verdict

A discreet graphics card, in this case, it was a gtx 1060. to me it was just a perfect upgrade coming from my MacBook pro 13 inches because i wasn’t losing a lot in terms of form factor and size. Still, it had its own issues, for instance, it ran hot it was too loud a battery life wasn’t that great and a lot of users were reporting battery bulging issues although I didn’t encounter any of them, but it was pretty common.

A lot of users and Razer’s customer support was pretty terrible back then, and i’m sure a lot of you guys were vocal about that especially when it was a common issue fast forward a few years later. Razer comes up with the Blade 15 series and I got myself the Blade 15 base model.

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