Powerbeats Pro Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Are you looking for Powerbeats Pro Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Powerbeats Pro Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

Powerbeats Pro Black Friday Deals 2021

I want to know how good of headphones are they and are they worth the money, so they better be good then again; they are beats now it turns out spoiler they are pretty great.

Powerbeats Pro black friday


Suppose Apple cared about them staying in people’s ears so easily. In that case, my favorite part about these power beats pro is how they’re built as I’ve never been a huge earbuds kind of guy, but for working out and for moving around and things like that, you have to have something lightweight, so that’s why I prefer earbuds. I just got to stay in my ears and be comfortable ear pods never really fit in my ears. I wasn’t as lucky as many you guys, but there are two main differences with these versus air pods that keep it in my ear, so number one similar to jaybirds. Check out Jabra Elite 65t Black Friday Deals.



I’ve had in the past these have a soft touch replaceable ear tip that you can put different sizes on, so instead of having, hard plastic one size fits all these are soft touch. They fit pretty well, and the number two this piece that goes over and around your ear and then holds it snugly to hold the earbuds in and these I mean you can either get the kind that goes into the ear up here or over and around I like these the first pair of earbuds I ever really used a lot in high school also had these. They’re not coming off.


Generally, I like the design. I got the black ones. Hence, they’re all matte black plastic sweatproof, of course, and the clamp force wallet is snug. It isn’t too tight. The sign of any good pair of headphones is that you can wear them for a long time. After a while, you forget you’re wearing them that good okay, they also differ from air pods in a couple of not-so-great ways, the first one being this case it maybe looks like a small case which is me holding it in my hand, but this is a huge case I mean I guess I do love that they include a matte black protective hardshell case with them with built-in battery and charging.


There’s a little light on the outside of the case. There’s a pair of buttons on the inside that’s all great but this makes me appreciate the air pods. Their super small wireless charging case of course air pods are smaller. Still, the air pods case is pocketable easily the beats case is not, so that’s a big deal sometimes if you’re you know, walking around. You don’t have a bag. If you have a gym bag, you can toss it in there, but this is not great in the pocket if you don’t. Then the case only charges via lightning so no usb type-c and no wireless charging so even with all this space and even putting them actually in the case, this motion for some reason.

I never quite got used to air pods. You drop it in there, and there’s magnets and it’s super easy these have magnets too and you can see the pins. Still, it’s not quite as smooth you have to get the angle just right I don’t know maybe that’s just me but then the best difference with these versus air pods is the actual, but so number one they do sound better yeah you know they’re a little bit bass-heavy. Still, I mean, come on, would you expect their beats? I’m not looking for a balanced sound signature here they’re fun good sounding headphones.

Powerbeats Pro black friday deals

Why pick Powerbeats Pro on Black Friday?

This seal that you can create with the rubber tip in your ear plus the clamping force on the side and them not coming out they’re a rich good sounding pair of headphone but then number two, the actual physical buttons on them there are no touchpoints there are real buttons so on the straight year the beats logo is a button, and that can be your play pause of course double tap for the next song triple-tap for the previous and on top of each earbud is a volume rocker so this is better than voice control better than the swiping across panels of the sides of headphones it’s just simple and easy regular volume rocker and not over-engineered love it of course if you still want to use voice control.

Final Verdict

They have the h1 chip so you can do a little hasty reaction if you have an iphone. They’ll still respond to that sorry for triggering anyone’s home pod if anyone still has home pods out there but anyway that brings us to a couple of ways that these are similar to air pods by the way I’m comparing these two air pods because, well apple bought beats. Hence, beats are apple headphones now but also because they’re just the most popular headphones everyone has, so if there’s that, so the power beats pro have the h1 chip in them, which means they do that sweet instant pairing with an iPhone or just regular Bluetooth pairing with any android phone just like air pods.

There’s also autoplay pause when you take them out your ears and put them back in they’ll also do the siri voice command if you’re into that or if you’re on an android phone you can long press the beats logo to trigger google assistant or whatever assisting you use and then the battery life is just as good so thankfully eight plus hours of playback easily has automatic standby if you put them down when they’re not in the case they can go for me like a week without charging if I start with a full battery and a full case and on top of that there is fast charging so if they’re dead you can drop them in the case for like five minutes and it gets you over an hour of listen time so that’s pretty clutch so air pods.

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