Polar (H10, OH1+) Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Are you prepared to leverage the Polar H10 and Polar oh1+ Black Friday offers? Optimize your training with one of the market’s finest and most dependable heart rate monitors. Polar H10’s distinct features enable effortless progress tracking, performance analysis, and real-time feedback for enhanced outcomes. The advanced technology ensures precision while delivering a comfortable fit through Smart Calibration, facilitating seamless tracking. Elevate your training with Polar H10 Black Friday and relish the myriad benefits of this potent heart rate monitor.

Polar H10 & Polar OH1 Black Friday Deals

Products Name Suit for Battery Life Check Price
Polar H10 Chest 400 hours
Polar OH1+ Wrist/Arm/Temple 12 hours

About Polar H10:

In the kingdom of heart rate measurement devices, selecting the optimal choice becomes a pivotal decision. Among the plethora of options, the electrocardiogram (ECG) and the compact ECG chest strap emerge as compelling contenders. While recognizing situational exceptions, these options stand out for their reliability and precision. An alternative avenue lies in photoplethysmography (PPG), a technology frequently employed in wrist-worn wearables like Fitbit Alta HR, Polar, Apple, and Garmin, where the sensors gauge heart rate.

polar h10 black friday

Biopotential and Light-based Technology:

Diving into the mechanics, the biopotential hails from the electric impulses orchestrating the rhythmic dance of heart chambers. This fundamental metric is directly indicative of heart rate. In a parallel dimension, light-based technology beckons. Functioning on the principle of light modulation, it capitalizes on fluctuations in blood volume and vessel dimensions beneath the skin in response to each heartbeat.


During more than 120 training sessions, including 76 spinning and 45 weightlifting sessions, I extensively used these devices. I carefully analyzed and compared the heart rate consistency of the two Polar devices. Each dot on the graph represents an individual heart rate measurement; their abundance is evident. The horizontal axis depicts the values from the first Polar H10 chest strap, and the vertical axis shows the corresponding values. The blue line on the second Polar H10 chest strap graph signifies perfect agreement; therefore, any measurement along this line indicates close alignment.


In a specific area, a higher number of measurements corresponds to increased values for both devices. Notice how deeper black tones correlate with more vibrant colors. The two Polar H-10 ECG chest straps exhibit exceptional agreement, with the majority of points closely aligning along the blue line. Despite a few occasional stray measurements, the discrepancy remains negligible. Performance variations across activities are evident among different devices. Let’s examine spinning training sessions and weightlifting sessions to delve into this further.


During my explanation, I will present additional spinning sessions, revealing a remarkable alignment between the two sets of data. This alignment signifies a high level of agreement. To ensure the integrity of the analysis, I connected each device to a distinct smartphone, using separate accounts to prevent any data exchange. This meticulous approach guarantees the accuracy of the assessment involving 76 spinning sessions.

polar oh1 black friday

Two sessions had a discrepancy, which is the first of those two. As you can see, for most of the session, both agreed almost perfectly, but only at the start. I disagreed, but I believe the red line is correct because it better corresponds to my training schedule. We see a similar pattern here for the second training session; I’m not sure what’s going on; it could be that I didn’t wear the new one tightly enough or that the signal quality was poor initially.

Final Verdict:

Ultimately, both Polar H10 and the ECG chest strap deliver accurate readings that correspond to the challenge of tracking heart rate. Whether you’re an avid runner, at-home yogi or semi-professional cyclist, keep in mind that performance needs real data on which to measure progress and recognize failure. With proper use of the Polar H10 paired with basic knowledge of its features, you’ll be able to maximize your performance potential.

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