Polar H10 & Polar OH1+ Black Friday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Polar H10 and Polar OH1 Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Polar H10 or Polar OH1+ Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

Products Name Suit for Battery Life Check Price
Polar H10 Chest 400 hours
Polar OH1+ Wrist/Arm/Temple 12 hours

Polar H10 & Polar OH1 Black Friday Deals 2021

If I had to pick just one device to measure my heart rate, it would be an electrocardiogram or a short ECG chest strap. I’m generalizing a little, and in some cases, such as extreme cold, this may not be true, but in general, I believe this is the best option. Photoplastismography, or ppg, is an alternative. That is the technique used in most wrist-borne wearables such as those made by Fitbit, polar, apple, and Garmin ECG sensors measure. Also, check Fitbit Alta HR Black Friday.

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The biopotential is produced by electrical signals that control the expansion and contraction of your heart chambers, which is a very direct measurement of your heart rate ppg sensors Light-based technology, on the other hand, detects differences in light reflection caused by changes in the volume of blood and veins under your skin as your heartbeats. I would use a reference device to test it, but in this case, I’m testing the reference device to see if the polar h10 results are consistent between two polar h10 devices.


I wore both of these for over 120 training sessions, including 76 spinning and 45 weightlifting sessions. I presented a summary of the heart rate consistency between the two polar devices. Each dot represents a single heart rate measurement, and because there are so many, they are quite visible.

With the value, according to the first polar h10 chest strap on the horizontal axis and the value on the vertical axis, the blue line on the second polar h10 chest strap indicates perfect agreement, so any measurement along this line has roughly.


The greater the number of measurements in a given area, the greater the value for both devices. As you can see, the darker the black, the more vibrant the color. The two polar h-10 ECG chess straps have an extremely good agreement because most points are almost perfectly along the blue line. There are a few random stray measurements right here but the difference is negligible. Some devices perform better or worse depending on the type of exercise, so let’s take a look at some example spinning training sessions and some example weightlifting sessions.

 Heart Rate

We have the time, and my heart rate is plotted along the vertical axis in blue according to the second polar h10 chest strap, and in red according to the first polar h10 ECG chest strap. As you can see, I took a few short breaks during the training where my heart rate would dip, and the measurements overlap almost perfectly, which is why you can almost not see the red line at all, and this is pretty much what you see for all training sessions.


While I’m talking, I’ll show you a few more of these spinning sessions, but as you can see, there’s an almost complete agreement between the two, which is of course a very good sign. I connected both devices to two separate smartphones with two separate accounts to ensure that no data is exchanged and that the analysis of all 76 spinning sessions is error-free.

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There were two sessions that had a discrepancy, and this is the first of those two. As you can see, for the majority of the session, both agreed almost perfectly, but only at the start. It had some disagreement, but I believe the red line is correct because it better corresponds to my training schedule. We see a similar pattern here for the second training session; I’m not sure what’s going on; it could be that I didn’t wear the new one tightly enough, or that the signal quality was poor in the beginning.

Final Verdict

However, because this only happened twice out of 76 spinning sessions, the differences are minor. I don’t think this is a real issue. Next, let’s look at weight lifting, which is where most smartwatches fail. Weight lifting is more difficult for optical heart rate sensors because of the friction that occurs during weight lifting. As you can see, this performed admirably across all heart rate ranges and nearly perfectly with the polar h10.

However, this is obviously much more expensive than some of the other smartwatches, as well as the polar h10 out of the over 120 training sessions. Only two training sessions revealed any significant differences between the two polar h10 devices, and these differences were minor. This is a good indication that the polar h10 ecg chest strap is accurate, but it does not account for any consistent structural problems with the chest strap.

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