Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 Black Friday Deals 2022

Are you looking for Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 Black Friday Deals 2022? This article will give you a complete guide for Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

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Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2022

In 2022, the Plantronics backbeat pro 2 active noise-canceling headphones are still good for the money. We have the Backbeat Pro 2, so let’s unbox these guys. We have excellent packaging from Plantronics, and it shows. You got a lot of specs, which we’ll review later in the review segment, but that’s what you get. Let’s open these up and see what’s inside the packaging, so slide this package inside the hold. Also, check Bose A20 Aviation Black Friday Sales.

plantronics backbeat pro 2 black friday

This opens beautifully, and we got some excellent tissue paper that looks very premium when you open the tissue paper and look inside. It’s an excellent cloth material that appears to be durable, a little canvas-like, and then we have the PLT, the Plantronics branding, and a nice little Plantronics bag. We have the front pouch, which is nice and spacious, so you could use this as a little go bag and put all sorts of good stuff in it right away, which is fantastic.


We have our manual and a micro USB charging cable. Very simple and one way to expect from these guys, and then we have a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack, which is pretty cool. So you have everything you need to get started, whether you want to use a wired or a wireless headset.

Battery Life

We’ve got 24 hours of battery life, so come on over. You have active noise cancellation, or ANC, which is a notable feature. We’re seeing it on many headphones these days; it’s one of those staple features quickly becoming an industry standard, so reducing background noise by flipping that switch on is fantastic, and they work well. It was a one-way turnaround, and these guys worked extremely hard, resulting in excellent quality on the active noise-canceling because you have active noise cancellation.

Sound and Audio

They have a passive audio mode, so you can flip the switch the other way and hear whatever is going on around you, so you can hear.

plantronics backbeat pro 2 cyber monday

You know, having conversations and hearing what someone is saying to you without having to take your headphones off is huge, so that’s another great feature of these headphones.

Final Verdict

If you are not a passive mode person and prefer to take your headphones off to communicate or store them quickly on your shoulders. It automatically pauses your audio, re-enables it, and resumes planning. When I’m wearing headphones, you should know that I frequently watch many videos on the toilet squad.

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