Philips Series 9000 Prestige Black Friday Deals 2021

Are you looking for Philips Series 9000 Prestige Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Philips Series 9000 Prestige Cyber Monday’s new sales and discounts.

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Philips Series 9000 Prestige Black Friday Deals 2021

We’re going to shave half of my face with this and the other half with a traditional razor, in this case, a Gillette Mach 3. I’m curious to see which one provides a closer shave and to compare the two in terms of the overall experience. It has an on/off button, a display showing the battery percentage, and a plus and minus button.

philips series 9000 black friday

That changes the intensity of the shaver; it has three different settings; if you put it on the lowest setting, it shaves at a slower speed but also gives you a more comfortable shave; if you increase the speed, it shaves at a faster speed but gives you a less comfortable shave because it’s trying to shave it off faster.


So I always keep it on the lowest setting because I have a fairly dense and thick beard and want as close to a comfortable shave as possible, so that’s the setting I’ll be using today. So let’s get this party started. So the S9000 Prestige appears to be prestigious, doesn’t it? Yes, it’s a shaver, but it has a classy ergonomic design and the way it’s shaped with the grippy feel is comfortable to shave with. But if there’s one drawback, it’s that it’s a fingerprint magnet, similar to my Samsung Galaxy S9, which has a lot of fingerprints, and now the S9000.

Braun’s foil head

As you can see, I’ve only done the cheeks or at least a portion of them, and it’s quite smooth to the touch. The coverage is also quite nice, as I didn’t have to do too many passes to get all the hairs. The S9000 has Phillips’ classic triangular head, as opposed to Braun’s foil head, but it’s comfortable to shave with because it’s flexible in all directions, though there are some hard-to-reach areas. What kinds of areas are we discussing?


It’s difficult to get a straight line with the S9000 for areas like your sideburns or neck, which is why Phillips included a detailer. Insert the shaving head into the shaver. Simply open the head, empty the hairs into your sink, rinse it under running water, replace the head, and place it on your wireless charger. In terms of chargers Kevin, did you ever imagine we’d be living in a world where you had to charge your shaver wirelessly?

Electric Shavers

No, I don’t show it to my friends all the time, and I don’t let them into my bathroom, which is strange. So I just did the jaw and neckline down, and I have to say it was a very smooth experience with no pulling or tugging. It doesn’t get hot to the touch, which means you won’t get skin irritation, which I, and perhaps some of you out there, have experienced with previous electric shavers where the head gets really hot and causes irritation down well.

philips s9000 prestige black friday


You won’t get that with this because I’ve been shaving for a while and it doesn’t feel hot to the touch. So it’s done the chin, the lip, and the upper lip quite well, and you know, generally, beard growth is the most difficult around the mustache area and the chin, but the shaver had no trouble.

Overall, very good, in that it didn’t take too many passes, but I did have to do a lot more around the jawline and neck. It’s just not as easy to get those as it is on the cheek, mustache, and chin area. So that’s something to think about. Perhaps what you don’t see on camera, but what I generally get with electric shavers, and it’s no different with the S9000, is dry skin when I dry shave it, so hydrate after you use it, but that’s a general tip.

I just showered this morning, so I didn’t use any special pre-shave treatment on my face, and this is a six-day beard; Phillips claims it can handle a seven-day beard, so I’m putting it to the test with a six-day beard, and it handled it without issue, so I think it could handle a couple of days longer beards as well.

Final Verdict

When I look at the cheeks, I can actually see the hairs a little more than on this site, which is impressive! I wasn’t expecting it; I thought the razor would win. Okay, Kevin, this isn’t a cheap device, isn’t it? Would you, however, purchase this device for yourself?

So we did a little comparison and discovered that the S9000 prestige with wireless charger costs significantly more than a Gillette Mach 3 over a four-year period. If you find the wireless charger a little too futuristic for your tastes, you can buy the S9000 without it and save a couple of tenners, but one thing is for certain: it ain’t cheap to be classy.

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