Petzl Swift RL Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2023

When the sun sets on a cool November evening, outdoor enthusiasts eagerly await the moment they can light their path with the unmatched quality of the Petzl Swift RL Black Friday edition. The anticipation is palpable since this release guarantees not only the latest technology and top-quality that Petzl is known for but also incredible discounts that Black Friday brings. With its stylish design and groundbreaking Reactive lighting technology, the Petzl Swift RL Black Friday edition lights trails through the darkness, opening the door to an exciting and unforgettable outdoor adventure. Embrace the darkness and be prepared for Black Friday; Petzl empowers people to shine brightly in a way never seen before.

Petzl Swift RL Black Friday Sales:

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The Petzl Swift RL Handlamp is a compact hand-held lamp with three light settings: low, normal, and high, as well as a strobe function. It has a sealed, nitrogen-filled housing to prevent fogging on the headlamp’s inside, making it submersible up to three meters (10 feet).

petzl swift rl black friday

The Swift RL handlamp is an excellent option for anyone who needs an easy-to-use, lightweight headlamp for nighttime activities like hiking, camping, or running. Its sealed housing makes it ideal for use in wet weather conditions. It’s also perfect for safely descending from rock climbing routes and other outdoor sports and activities.

The three light modes allow you to select the brightness level best suits your needs. The strobe mode is ideal for attracting attention or warning others of danger, such as in a car accident or medical emergency. The Petzl Swift RL Handlamp also has a locking function to prevent it from turning on accidentally in your backpack or pocket. It comes with two AAA batteries that are easily replaceable.


The Petzl Swift RL Handlamp is a great option for campers and climbers who want to be prepared for any lighting situation. The high and low power options give you plenty of light, whether you need to illuminate your entire campsite or see what’s in front of your face on a tricky climb.

The LED lamp offers an exceptional light output, with a maximum of 900 lumens. The lamp is also very lightweight, so that you can carry it easily on your adventures outdoors. It has a wide-angle lens to help you see everything in the surrounding area.


The Petzl Swift RL is a great handlamp. It offers high performance, a long life span, and good value for money. Whether camping or hiking at night, this powerful handlamp is a great choice. It illuminates a large area easily and won’t let you down, even in the harshest conditions.

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