Peter Thomas Roth Instant Firmx Eye Black Friday Deals 2022

Are you looking for Peter Thomas Roth Instant Firmx Eye Deals 2022? This article will give you Cyber Monday sales and deals on Peter Thomas Roth Instant Firmx Eye Tightener.

Peter Thomas Roth Instant Firmx Eye Black Friday Deals 2022

The Peter Thomas Roth Instant Firmx Temporary Eye Tightener is a two-part product, one of which is the eye gel that you apply to your eyes to reduce puffiness. I firmly believe in using products designed to address specific skin concerns, so I went straight for the gel part and applied it directly to my under-eye area.

peter thomas roth instant firmx eye black friday

Puffiness Eliminator

I first noticed that my puffiness was reduced but not completely gone. It felt like it helped reduce the puffiness but didn’t eliminate it. I wasn’t sure if I had to apply the gel twice a day or if it would take more time to eliminate the puffiness. So, I tried the product for 2 weeks and found that my puffiness returned after about a week.

I also noticed that my under eyes had become quite irritated and red, and I had a lot of dryness in that area. This made me wonder if this product was meant for dry skin, not just puffiness. After reading the directions, I was sure this was the case, but I wanted to try it anyway.


I did notice that my eyes became noticeably irritated and sensitive to light when I used this product, but not to the extent that I could say that it was painful. I also found that my eyes became extremely dry, and the irritation went away after about an hour. I didn’t experience any itchiness or burning sensation during the use of this product.

Final Words:

It was difficult to remove without leaving my face feeling tight and uncomfortable. I also found that I couldn’t sleep well due to the dryness, and I constantly woke up with a watery eye. But, I did find that after I used the eye gel, my eyes felt more comfortable, and I didn’t wake up with watery eyes.

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